How to Spend One Day in Mumbai?

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Explore Kodaikanal & Its Beauty!

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station perched on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills (close to Madurai) in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This hill station is also called as ‘the Princess of Hills’. Situated at 2,133 meter above the sea level, this place is blessed with leafy slopes that are… Read More »

Exploring Royal Palaces of London

Laced along the banks of River Thames, London is a beautiful capital city of England and the United Kingdom. Besides being the capital of the country (as well as continent), this city is largest financial centre in the world. Over the time, the city of London has taken a major position in politics, education, entertainment,… Read More »

Beautiful Beaches of Greece

Renowned for its beautiful beaches, Greece remains crowded with beach lovers from all around the world. The beaches can be in various parts of the Greek coast, including both the many gorgeous Greek islands and its mainland. Every beach provides something unique to every traveler coming his or her way onto the shore. Whether you… Read More »

Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful capital city of Austria in Europe. This city has given some of the precious things to this world including the graceful Viennese waltz, great classical composers and deliciously sinful pastries. Apart from being the capital, it is also the largest city in Austria. The Vienna city shares a fine selection of… Read More »

Things You Never Miss on Visit to Kerala

Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is a lush green paradise that replete with its backwaters and beaches. The place provides truly a serene experience to its visitors amidst daintiness & serenity of nature. The long stretches of infinite greenery and the harmonious atmosphere of Kerala make it a place to enjoy a relaxed… Read More »

Most Famous Shooting Locations for Bollywood Films

The Indian film industry has its influence and audience spread all across the world. Over thousands of films are made every year for variety of audiences. Popularly called, ‘Bollywood’, the Indian film industry is thus one of the topmost mediums for endorsing tourism in India. The astonishing topography of India makes it a charming location… Read More »