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Incredibly Luxurious Places in India to Stay Once in Lifetime

stay in india

Your holiday program becomes more flavorful with the luxury accommodations of various cities that invite you to experience superb blend of Indian hospitality and modern amenities. These hotels are quite expensive but allow you to experience the royal Indian lifestyles and other lavish feel that can be only enjoyed in India. So, indulge into a world of opulence while staying at high living spaces, trying authentic cuisines, being spoiled with royal spa and everything that are going to come on

Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

taj mahal agra

Famous for its rich heritage and splendid culture, India is the land of art, architecture, heritage and much more. Its rich heritage allures a number of tourists to discover its affluent past. It is home to 32 World Heritage Sites identified by the UNESCO. All of these are places of important due to cultural or natural heritage. Explore some of the most popular world heritage sites in India by UNESCO. Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam Situated in the state of Assam,

Beautifully and Curvy Buildings Created by Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hudertwasser was an Austrian artist and he spent his whole life championing the curve against the straight line. From the mid of 70’s all his enticing buildings were curved and somehow related with the natural features of landscapes. Below is the list of some outstanding Hundertwasser architecture which has lush green vegetation, uneven floors and unique windows. Waldspirale It is a residential building and its structure got completed in 2000. It is located in German city of

Alien Landscapes on Earth

zhangye danxia landfrom gansu china

If you too have a dream of exploring some alien planet than you search ends here because below mentioned places will definitely make you feel you are on another planet and will make you skip a heartbeat because of their exclusiveness. These below mentioned places might seem completely exotic but they actually exist on Earth. These locations on Earth will make you breathless because of its bizarre landscapes; these landscapes seem so alien that you will feel as if you

Top 5 Road Trips from Delhi for the Road Runners

road trip from delhi

Road trip from Delhi to Mathura- Vrindavan- Agra Road trips are always amazing and exhilarating experience especially for the people who are ready for fun and adventure any time. If you want to have a spiritual experience Mathura and Vrindavan is a good choice. The distance between Delhi to Mathura is not much and one can easily opt for a bike or car ride over this place. One can enjoy the panoramic views while cruising in the middle of the

How to Make Republic Day 2016 Special

republic day delhi

Republic Day is that time of year when whole country celebrates its unity. Well, the day is approaching and excitement is clearly visible on the face of people. The reason is not only this patriotic festival but a break/leave that it is going to bring for all of us. It is the irony of our country that many of youngsters don’t even understand the difference between 15th August and 26th January. Well, let’s not talk about it. We have a

Top Things to Do on Pattaya Tour

darts pattaya

Pattaya is a spectacular holiday destination in Thailand that is replete with lush green rice fields, heritage palaces and well known temples. It is popular among the travelers of modern generation, who are looking for fun, relaxation, shopping and peace of mind in a single tour. The city of Pattaya offers an extensive range of pastimes, several beach activities and other fantastic entertainment options. These activities can either be enjoyed right in the city or in the vicinity of Pattaya.