Adventures Enthusiasts Should Try These Activities in Turkey

By | May 1, 2017

Turkey adventure

Turkey is a beautiful destination and one of the major holiday destinations when it comes to holidaying. This huge country attracts every type of tourists as there are many things to do in Turkey. However, this destination is famous for its architectural beauty and delectable food and it might not be on your list when it comes to adventure but this destination offers amazing activities to the adrenaline junkies. Below is the list of adventures which Turkey offers.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Turkey is an outstanding destination for sea kayakers and attracts the ones who always prefer to have a different kind of experience. This destination with rugged pristine coastlines, interesting islands, hidden bays and wide variety of birds and animals. Travelers can encounter castles, villages both ancient and modern and interesting cities as well while enjoying sea kayaking.


Skiing Turkey

If you are in an illusion that Turkey is a place only for summer activities then you are mistaken because here you can enjoy winter adventures too. Turkey has several mountain ranges and the Western Taurus Mountains are the closest to Dalaman with two peaks that is Mt. Eren and Mt. Sandras which receives good snow cover in 8000 foot range. Skiing center is about to open on Mt. Eren so that travelers and locals can enjoy activities year round.

Explore the Underground City of Derinkuyu


Turkey is one such destination which is really very famous for underground cities and caves and Derinkuyu is a famous underground city which has eight levels. Exploring the cave like underground cities of Turkey is an altogether different experience which will make you encounter with the fact how people live earlier in order to escape from the prosecution of Roman Empire. It is one such adventure which the history buffs and adventure loving people should try.

Enjoy Hiking in Southwest Turkey

Hiking in Southwest Turkey

Hiking lovers should definitely visit the Southwest part of the Turkey which is one of the best places for hiking. This part of Turkey offers wonderful hiking opportunities with pine forests, mountains and spectacular seascapes. Hikiers can here also explore the remnants of ancient civilizations. Moreover, this adventure activity is one of the best ways to witness the local flora and fauna.

Indulge in Whitewater Rafting at Dalaman & Coruth River

Rafting at Dalaman

Turkey is an amazing destination which is blessed with high mountains, raging rivet and decent rainfall, and all these factors makes some of the rivers of Turkey quite apt for quality whitewater. Dalaman and Coruth are two amazing rivers where thrill seekers can indulge in whitewater rafting and can have the best experience of this famous adventure activity.

Mountain Biking


Any destination which is regarded good for hiking, most likely have outstanding mountain biking trails too and Turkey is no exception as this destination offers amazing trails for this adventure activity. There are many gorgeous rural areas which the adventure seekers can explore by bike.

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