Adventure Activities You Must Enjoy in New Zealand

By | June 19, 2017


New Zealand is a country where you can enjoy almost everything as an adventure enthusiast. Right from surfing at the waves and trek a glacier, go caving or fall from the sky all in a day. This beautiful country is a popular destination for indulging in variety of adventure activities. If you are planning a visit to New Zealand and like to explore some amazing adventure experiences, then read on to this write-up!

Camping (North & South Islands)

Camping in New Zealand

Camping in New Zealand forms that picture postcard by a lake in the woods. This country’s various national parks host many of such picturesque campsites. You can just trek up taking with a sleeping bag & essential supplies and find a good spot for yourself to put a camp. Or else, as a first-timer check in at any of the many holiday parks where the authorities make sure a comfortable and safe stay without taking away from the charm of outdoors. At these parks, you can also hire tents, campervans and other camping equipment. The north and south islands of New Zealand are best places to go camping.

Hang-gliding (Abel Tasman National Park, Tasman District, South Island)


Another adrenaline rushing and fun-filled adventure activity popular in New Zealand is the hang-gliding. This activity is experienced with an ultra-light plane and the hang-glider higher than 1,000 metres into the crisp, golden air above a stunning national park. To enjoy this sport, you need the assistance of hang-glider expert who will let you take the controls for an exciting ride over the Kiwi landscape that unfolds like a magic carpet below you. For this activity, you have options to choose from as you can opt for a 15 or 30 minute trip, or go for long duration trips as well.

Glacier Hiking (Franz Josef Glacier, South Island)

Glacier Hiking

From a distance, glacier is a stunning bed of white. But, only by walking over any of them, you will experience its blissful natural beauty. You can take a chopper-ride over the glacier and ask your guide to take you for the most incredible three- hour walk over a fantastic, neon surface that shimmers with each shade of blue. During the hiking, you will get to trek past spectacular ice- formations, which tower like skyscrapers as you inhale the pure air of the famous Southern Alps. The sight keeps on changing, so you will get to see many scenic sights.

Bungee Jumping (Queenstown, South Island)

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Bungee Jumping is one of the most exciting adventure activities enjoyed around the world. The first bungee-jump locations ever and even today, ‘the Kuwarau Bridge’ is known as a frightening adventure. For this sport, you can either choose to enjoy a solo jump or go with a loved one; whichever you select, no activity comes even close in offering so much in lesser time. It all depends on your nerves, whether you plunge 47 metres into the Kuwarau River or go for the terrifying 134 m jump at Nevis. First-timers or repeaters, this is a pilgrimage to the daybreak of the bungee-sport.

Apart from these activities, White-water Rafting, Sky Diving, Caving & Abseiling in Waitomo Caves, Swimming with dolphins, Zorbing and Jet-boating are some of the other exciting adventure activities to be enjoyed in New Zealand. So, grab the best deals on tour packages and plan a holiday trip to Brazil. For all your holiday queries, call or whatsapp our experts at 9990980980.

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