Exciting Adventures One Can Try in Malaysia

By | May 2, 2017

Adventures in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the culturally rich nations in the world and this destination offers ample number of things to do. While it is completely your choice to just lay by the beach side or to enjoy the enthralling adventures which this destination offers but it is also a fact that adventure enthusiasts cannot escape themselves from the Malaysian adventures. Below is the list of adventures which adventure seekers can try.

Jet Ski Ride in Langkawi

Jet Ski Ride at Langkawi

In Malaysia adventure seekers can enjoy the enthralling Jet Ski rides in Langkawi. Adventure lovers can also rent a jet ski from any of the beach counters and then can enjoy the wild ride into the sea filled with gushing waves. If you love to do jet skiing then you can head straight to Burau bay beach which is located on the western coastline of the island and this is one among the many beaches where you can take Jet Ski on rent. You can enjoy Jet Ski by your own at various beaches or you can opt for a guided Jet Ski tour. This will let you have a deep view of Langkawi closely from the sea. You can explore natural attractions like lakes, limestone cliffs. Caves, lagoons, mangrove and several small islands as well.  Try this exciting adventure in the picturesque backdrop of Langkawi. Moreover, there are many other beaches in Malaysia where the adventure seekers can enjoy this water sport.

Try Microlight in Kuala Lumpur

Microlight in Kuala Lumpur

If you wish to fly freely like a bird then you should definitely explore the blue skies of Kuala Lumpur from a height in the Quick Silver MX2 Microlight. It is basically a powerful aircraft which runs with a speed of 110 km per hour. This adventure is one of the most popular adventures in Kuala Lumpur which adventure lovers should definitely try on Malaysia tour.

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride in Putrajaya

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Putrajaya

Hot air balloon ride is one of the enacting activities which tourists of every age group can try. It is one of the fun-filled activities which one should definitely try to get the spectacular view of the surrounding area that too from a good height. Tourists can enjoy the generic balloon rides at any time during the year in Putrajaya.

Enjoy Kayaking & Bamboo Rafting at Semadang River

Bamboo Rafting at Semadang River

Kayaking and bamboo rafting are the authentic water sport which the adventure affectionate people can try in the pristine water of Semadang River. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy these enthralling water activities in the perfect background and can spend have a memorable experience.

Helicopter Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Helicopter Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Want to experience something which will raise your goosebumps and will make you encounter something really adventurous? If yes, then head straight to Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the helicopter sightseeing. Tourists can take the tour of the capital city of Malaysia and can enjoy the breathtaking view from 1500 feet above the sea level. You can also take amazing pictures while enjoying the helicopter ride.

Enjoy Scuba Diving at Penang

Scuba Diving at Penang

If you are a kind of person who can take any challenge and adventure then you should surely try scuba diving in Penang. This adventure activity will let you have a beautiful encounter with the marine life. While enjoying this water sport you can also explore the underwater flora and fauna and get a closer view of the gorgeous coral reefs.

Enjoy Cruising at Some of the Famous Places of Malaysia


If you are in Malaysia and you feel like exploring the beautiful places but that too in relaxed manner then plan cruise tour. Sail along the beautiful waters to your desired and enjoy the sense of tranquility. Moreover, make sure that you book your cruise prior because the seats get filled up fast. Johar, Malacca, Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur are five main points from where you can take the cruise tours in Malayasia.

Take Mangrove Boat Safari

Mangrove Boat Safari

If you are a nature aficionado and you love to explore the bliss of nature then Mangrove Boat Safari is the best tour for you. It is a one day tour from the gorgeous island of Langkawi which will let you witness breathtaking aura.

Bungee Jumping at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


It is one of the most adventurous activities which adventure lovers prefer to try. It is one of the much loved activities which the thrill seekers can enjoy at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park of Kuala Lumpur.

Taman Negara National Park Jungle Trekking

Taman Negara National Park Jungle Trekking

It is another famous attraction in Malaysia which is located about 240 km away from Kuala Lumpur.  If you are an adventure lover then you should definitely opt for trekking at this 130 year old virgin rain forest. Apart from trekking, here you can also enjoy activities like rock climbing as well.

Rock Climbing at Batu Caves

Rock Climbing at Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a limestone hill which is located 13 km north in Kuala Lumpur, this location in Malaysia is known for rock climbing. It is the hub of climbing in Kuala Lumpur and adventure aficionados visit the site to taste the adventure.

Enjoy the Landscape by Taking Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car

It is one of the popular activities which one can enjoy at Langkawi Island. This activity is popularly called as Langkawi Cable Car or Sky Cab. By choosing this activity, adventure enthusiasts can take a ride on the top of Mount Chinchang and can enjoy the amazing views.

Skytrex Adventure

Skytrex Adventure

You might have heard the concept of sky trekking from tree to tree. It is one of the interesting adventure activities and to enjoy this, adventure lover should plan a visit to Skytrex adventure Theme Park in Malaysia. Categorization has also been done there based on the level of difficulty – Little Adventure, Big Thrill, Extreme Challenge.

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