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A Dessert Journey of Various Indian States

Indian Desserts

Among several specialties of our country, Indian cuisines are another great delight of the tourism of India. It ensures a mouthwatering culinary journey to the visitors. Every corner of India offers a special food habit and one gets to try out different kind of dishes. People of India usually are sweet tooth. So, there is no surprise as the country has to offer so much to its guests and people. Sweet dishes are the specialty of India and one can find several scrumptious desserts in different Indian cities. There are lots of desserts of India, which are superb in taste and consumed irrespective of any special occasion. So, whenever you are planning a holiday trip in any place of India, don’t forget to try their delicacies. Explore some popular desserts from different Indian states.

Ghewar, Rajasthan   


This disc-shaped sweet dish is made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. This is a popular dessert of Rajasthan, which is mostly prepared in festive seasons. People love Ghewar a lot due to its unusual taste. However, it is not available in every region and season. It is also famous in the neighboring states of Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Modak, Maharashtra

Modak - Maharashtra

The popular dessert of Maharashtra is famous in whole Western, eastern and Southern India. Not just yummy in taste, Modak is very really attractive in appearance. Modak is basically a sweet dumpling stuffed with a filling of fresh coconut and jaggery. The soft shell of this sweet dish is prepared with rice flour & processed milk. The sweet has great importance in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Rasogolla/Rasgulla, West Bengal


The spongy and soft cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup is just awesome in taste. Rasgulla are really delicious in taste. The dish was created in East India and states of Odisha and West Bengal are said to be the birthplace of the dish. However, it is best available in West Bengal and loved by everyone. Rasgulla is admired as the king of Indian sweets and your craving for Rosogolla grows once you taste it.

Pinni, Punjab


Delicious and rich in taste, Pinni is an authentic dessert of Punjab and other nearby states of North India. Prepared with adequate amount of ghee, dry fruits and wheat flour, Pinni is a typical sweet of winters.

Bal Mithai, Uttarakhand

Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai is is a popular dessert of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It is brown chocolate-like fudge, which is prepared using roasted khoya and coated with white sugar balls. The origin of the sweet is unknown but Almora is filled with sweet shops selling this particular dessert.

Mysore Pak, Karnataka

Mysore Pak

A rich sweet dish of South India, Mysore Pak is prepared using liberal amount of clarified butter, sugar, gram flour, and cardamom powder. The sweet has been originated in Mysore, Karnataka. It is assumed that it was firstly prepared in the kitchen of Mysore Palace. From there, it became so famous that converted into a ‘Royal Sweet’.

Basundi, Gujarat


The sweetened dense milk is a noted dessert of the state of Gujarat but also consumed in Maharashtra and Karnataka. In North India, a similar kind of dessert is consumed with name Rabri.

Bebinca, Goa


Bebinca is a well known authentic and superb pudding dessert of Goa. It can be also tasted in East India and Mangalore. Traditional Bebinca is prepared of 16 layers and can be enjoyed with ice creams.

Other states of India also have some exclusive desserts. Visit those states to find more about them.

Must Visit Tourist Attractions of Japan


Japan is known to be one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. This country portrays an exotic blend of traditional and modern, with various temples and architectures. There are many places where, tourists can find the Japanese culture and history to get a glance of the future through technological developments. If you are planning a trip to Japan, then book cheap international flights at EaseMyTrip. Are you wondering about which places to visit, read this article and discover.

Golden Pavilion

Golden Pavilion

The Temple of Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku-ji is the topmost visited tourist attraction in Japan and Kyoto. This pavilion was initially constructed as a retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu during late 14th century. But, sadly, it was burnt down in 1950 by a young monk who had become obsessed with it. Five years later, this temple was reconstructed as accurate copy of the original one. The pavilion is covered in gold leaf that highlights the reflection of it in the pond and the pond’s reflection on the building.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

Soaring up to the height of 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji is famous as the highest mountain in Japan. It was a volcano giving remarkably symmetrical cone and a renowned symbol of Japan. In fact, Mount Fuji is often depicted in photographs and popular tourist attraction for climbers and sightseers. As per the facts, it is estimated that about 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji annually, in which 30% are foreigners. The ascent journey can take anywhere from three to eight hours on the other hand, the descent journey can up to between two to five hours. It is also one of the most photographed icons of Japan.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the home for the Emperor of Japan. The palace also functions as an administration center as well as museum to showcase Japanese art and history. The palace is built on the ruins of older castles which were damaged either by war or fine. The architects have privileged the past by including design elements of different eras into the modern palace. The latest palace is encircled by traditional Japanese gardens and has many reception as well as function rooms to receive guests and greet the public.

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple

The Todaiji Temple in Nara is one of a kind of accomplishment of engineering. It doesn’t only houses the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world but also considered as the world’s largest wooden building. Todaiji Temple is encircled by attractive gardens and wildlife. Also, the Kegon school of Buddhism is located here. The grounds hold many relic of Japanese and Buddhist history. One interesting thing of this place is that the Deer are allowed to roam freely in the grounds as they are believed to be the messengers of the Shinto gods.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a major proof of the innovation of technology and state-of-the art life. The built of Tokyo Tower is inspired by the Eiffel tower. This tower is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan, which also functions as an observation tower and communications tower. The tourists or visitors can climb the tower for spectacular views of the entire Tokyo city.

Apart from these, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Himeji Castle, Kiyomizu-dera, Jigokudani Monkey Park and Hiroshima Peace Memorial are some of the other popular tourist spots to visited in Japan.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Monaco


Monaco might be second smallest country, after the Vatican but that doesn’t stop it from being a charming place to visit. The country has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since the 13th century. Monaco is popular for its car races, gambling and fairy tale romances. Monaco is a glamorous place that offers travelers a chance to mingle with the rich and famous on the awesome yachts in the harbor. In this write-up, we have mentioned some of the most popular tourist attractions you must visit while in Monaco.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the country’s rulers, the Grimaldi family, which is currently being headed by Prince Albert II, the son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. This fairy tale palace began as a fortress during 12th century, but over the centuries it fell into a shambles. However, Prince Rainier refurbished the palace to its previous grandeur. It is to be noted that the palace is open to the public yearly from June to October. On the other hand, one can witness the changing of guard ceremony performed by the “Carabiniers” at the main entrance of palace every day at 11:55 AM.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo Casino was established during 19th century to save the Grimaldi family from bankruptcy. At that time, Monaco was poor with small infrastructure to bear tourism. However, the plan worked and the economy stabilized. Nowadays, the Monte Carlo Casino attracts gamblers to Monaco, with games of chance, including Baccarat, roulette, craps and slot machines and much more. Guests much note that the casino has a dress code and admission charges. Also, the foreign visitors need to show passports or other ID because Monaco residents are not allowed inside.

Monaco-Ville (or Le Rocher)


Monaco-Ville, also called locally as ‘Le Rocher’ or ‘The Rock’, offers visitors a chance to take a walk through the country’s oldest neighborhood. This old town that is established on rocky land, which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, the Grimaldis, Monaco’s founders established an ancient fortress as their headquarters. Monaco-Ville is made up roughly exclusively of pedestrian streets and passageways and retains its medieval character. Once here, you can find a number of restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops, as well as many of the city’s famous landmarks, including the Prince’s Palace, St. Martin’s Gardens and the Oceanographic Museum.

Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral

Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral

It is a known fact that every Catholic country has its national cathedral and Monaco’s national cathedral is the St. Nicholas Cathedral. The first Catholic Church was built in the 13th century and demolished in the 19th century. At present, the church is called “the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception”. It is the burial place for the Grimaldis, including Rainier III and Grace Kelly. Visitors illustrate this Romanesque church with its front of white marble as being quite beautiful as well as peaceful.

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach is the single most sensational beach of the world, where women can be spotted without their bikini tops, but wouldn’t think of being seen without their jewelries. It may not be a typical kind of beach paradise, but it is really fun to be at this place. It is exceptional, clean and comprised of clear waters, warm white sand and breathtaking views.

Jardin Exotique de Monaco

Jardin Exotique de Monaco

This is a place that collects the unusual and most exotic plants. Being a magical spot, this garden opens to the sky and overlooks the Mediterranean. This wonderful botanical garden is situated on a cliff side in Monaco. Have a visit to this beautiful garden.

Oceanographic Museum

Oceanographic Museum

Constructed on the side of the fabulous Rock of Monaco, Oceanographic Museum enjoys the glorious views of the oceans from more than a century. The museum was founded by the Prince Albert I, great grandfather of H.S.H. It was designed as a palace and this museum is entirely dedicated to Art and Science.

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Top Destinations Having Strong Connection with Mahatma Gandhi


Freedom of India belongs to those thousands of people who gave their lives to fight against slavery of British. But if a single person deserves the whole credit of the independence of India, it is none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Born on 2nd October, 1869, he was the most important leader of the pre-independence era. He took India to a completely new level through revolutionary movements like non-violence, civil disobedience and Quit India. Gandhi is best recognized as ‘Father of the Nation’ or ‘Bapu’. These are some destinations that have strong link with Mahatma Gandhi.


birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi

This small port town along the Gujarat coast is an important destination in Indian history due to being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. It also offers numerous of experiences to its visitors and is an ideal place to discover the immense past of the country along with Gandhian philosophy.



On Gandhi’s returning from South Africa, he initiated his non-cooperation in a small way by awakening peasants against the European cultivators in Champaran (Bihar) and later on in Kheda (Gujarat). It was an important and non-violent fight against the British in India.



We all know very well about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where huge numbers of innocent were killed brutally. Gandhi took strong decision and actions against British Raj for forming self-government and establishing Swaraj. He motivated Swadeshi policy and boycotted British goods and services.



Salt March of Dandi was a historical event that began in year 1930 and Gandhi produced salt without paying any taxes. A lot of followers were with them in this movement. This movement outraged British and he got arrested. Dandi is a small village in Gujarat.



The capital city of India has been a platform for many movements and historical events. Many incidences have taken place here and Mahatma Gandhi was also assassinated in Delhi only on 30th January, 1948.

Unique Ways of Dussehra Celebration in Different States of India


Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil. The festival has different meanings for different people. Some enjoys it as the end of their nine days of fasting and some finds it appealing due to huge celebrations taking place on this occasion. Every state of the country has its own way of celebrating this grand festival but elegance & ethnicity remain an integral part every time. Some states of India celebrate Dussehra as the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama and some celebrates it as the destruction of demon named Mahisasur by Goddess Durga. Explore the states where this grand festival of Durga Puja is celebrated in a beautiful way.


Gujarat Navratri

Dussehra is celebrated as Navratra in Indian state of Gujarat. Garba, the main folk dance of state is a must enjoy activity during the 9-days of Navratra. Being the main appeal of the festival, the folk dance brings people together at one place and they tune on folk songs with colorful sticks. Garba is played all through the night after performing the aarti of Goddess Durga. On this occasion, men and women wear their traditional attires, including Lehnga Choli for women and Kedia for men.

Himachal Pradesh

dussehra himachal

Kullu in Himachal celebrates Dussehra as the most significant festival of the state. One can experience a great enthusiasm in this festival. The celebration of the festival takes place for 7 days. In Kullu, the festivity is about the worship of Lord Raghunath and center of the celebration is on fairground of Dhalpur Maidan. Nearby villagers carry the idols of local gods and goddesses to the fairground in a holy procession. The whole valley floods with the delights of festivity for a week.


Ravan Badh

Dussehra is celebrated in Delhi as the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama. On this occasion, temples are decorated, religious music is played and Ram Leela is performed. Idols of Ravana, Meghanad and Kumbhakaran are set on fire at almost each locality of the city. The city also goes through 9-days of fasting. You should watch Ramleela in Delhi, which is a theatrical representation of the Ramayana. Ravana’s effigy is burnt along with fireworks displaying the beautiful colors in sky. There are several places in Delhi, where you can find the attractively created Pandals of Goddess Durga.


Punjab kanjak

The state of Punjab also has a unique way of honoring Goddess Shakti. Most of the people in Punjab fast for the first seven days of Navratri and also arrange Jagraata (Awakening for whole night by singing devotional songs). On the 8th day or Ashtami, the fast is open by organizing a bhandara for 9 young (Little) girls (Kanjika).

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Dussehra

This Dravidian state adds a special religious feel to this festival by worshiping Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. On this occasion, women invite married women to their homes in the evenings and present them nuptial accessories like bangles, kumkum and other things. A coconut, betel nuts, and betel leaves and money are also given to each other.

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Fascinating Places to Visit in Miami

Miami Tour

Renowned for its outgoing beaches and toned beach bodies, Miami is a beautiful destination that offers plenty of opportunities to be enjoyed outside and indoors. The city is creative, exciting and brings endless possibilities to live the most memorable moments of life. The land of sunshine, gorgeous beaches and yoga provides you complete relaxation during your stay. Unwind in the shade at a pool or visit exclusive shopping centers where you can find everything of your choice. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the world-class nightlife of this city that glows the most when sun sets down. Miami is a wonderful place that features several tourist attractions for its visitors allowing them to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

South Beach

South Beach Miami

South Beach is a classic hot spot in Miami that features an exclusive art deco landscape and crystal clear blue waters that can rejuvenate the visitors while they are holidaying. This location of the beach is famous for being a trendy area of the city that offers everything from shopping to partying. You can explore here several restaurants, art galleries and museums.

Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children's Museum


Miami Children’s Museum is a must visit tourist attraction in the city especially if you have kids. The museum boasts of several permanent exhibitions along with a changing collection of traveling exhibitions. The motto of these exhibitions is to allow the kids playing, learning, and creating multiple things from imagination. Through the wide selection of interactive exhibitions, children may discover several things that can teach them important lessons along the way.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

Offering an amusing and educational experience to its visitors, this must visit attraction of Miami appeals a number of tourists. It features dolphins, killer whales and several other aquatics. Here you can meet sea turtles, seals, sea lions, and Florida Manatee. Visitors shouldn’t miss here dolphin show and whale show.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami

It is one of the best zoos in the country that features a various species of animals from Asia, Australia and Africa. It is one of the first free-range zoos in the country that exhibits its animals without cages. Animals are grouped here as per their geographic requirements and they live together peacefully.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

It is one of the most remarkable public parks in US featuring 1.5 million acres of swamps, saw-grass prairies and sub-tropical forests. The park is a home to 14 rare species of animals including American Crocodile, Florida Panther and West Indian Manatee. The large part of this park is explored by adventure seekers and researchers. Visitors coming here have plenty of opportunities for discovering the wildlife and camping.

Wynwood Arts District

Wynwood Arts District

This is a hub of art in Miami city, which features a number of art galleries and museums. The bustling neighborhood is surrounded by warehouses and also features al fresco café. Explore the Wynwood Walls, a huge set of outdoor murals adorned by some of the most famous names of street art. The entire Wynwood area can be called as an outdoor street art museum.

Apart from these, Miami has several other tourist attractions that can enchant you for their rareness, exquisiteness and exclusivity. If you want to explore attractions, best deals on tour packages are available at EaseMyTrip. Call us at: 9990980980 to book a trip.

Make This Karwa Chauth Special with These Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth beautifully indicates the unselfish love of a wife towards her husband. Commonly celebrated in the Northern and Western states of India, including Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat, Karwa Chauth is an important festival for married women. On this special occasion, wife fasts for the long live of her husband. So, if a wife can leave food and water for whole day then it is husband’s duty to delight his wife on this occasion. Choosing a gift on Karwa Chauth is not a difficult thing to do but making the day entirely different and beautiful will be something extraordinary. These are some gift ideas by which you can make Karwa Chauth special.

Take Her to a Spa


Take your spouse to a spa center and pamper her with relaxing spa massages. The regular hectic schedule of daily life makes her tired and in this way, you can bring some moments of relaxation in her life. With Ayurvedic treatments and pampering therapies at spa, your wife will feel relaxed and delighted. Choose a spa center in your city and take her there.

Take Her for Shopping


There is no woman on earth who doesn’t like shopping. It is a stress-buster for her. So, why don’t you surprise her by taking for shopping? Visit any of the swanky shopping malls of your city and buy some beautiful dresses for her. Complement her in the new outfits and express your love for her.

Take Her for Watching a Movie

watch movie

Take your wife to watch a romantic film that has been released recently. Watching a film together will not only increase your love for each other but also pass her time in an entertaining way.

Plan a Holiday Surprise

Couple holiday

This might not be done at the day of Karwa Chauth as there are many rituals that one has to perform while being at home. However, you can gift a holiday package of her favorite destinations. Plan for an outing with her and go for a romantic place where you may give all your time to your wife. This Karwa Chauth, book a holiday tour with where you can know each other once again. This holiday will help you in adding refreshment into your relationship and making the bond between both of you stronger.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

After done with all rituals, take your wife a beautiful restaurant and arrange a romantic dinner for her. She has already worshipped her moon and asked for the longevity of her marital bliss. Now, it’s your turn for spending some romantic moments with moon of your life and a dinner in a dreamy ambiance with great food and soothing music can be a great experience for all. Look for any of the good restaurants in your city where you can arrange a candle-light or theme dinner.

Traditional Gifts

Gifts for her

Designer clothes, jewelries, chocolates and soft toys are the traditional gifts to offer on Karwa Chauth. However, these things don’t lose its charm ever. You can buy any of these things for her.

There should be no misery in buying gifts for the person who makes your house a perfect home. By giving them these surprises, you will feel truly happy and delighted. So, come up with any great gift ideas and be ready for that million dollars smile.

Top Things to Visit & Do in Lucknow

Lucknow city

Popularly identified as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is an elegant and charming city of India. It has made its presence on Indian history by being a city of etiquettes and traditions. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh serves its guests with rare grace. Lucknow has been mostly ruled by Muslim emperors. So, an Islamic influence can be seen on the culture, language and lifestyle of Lucknow. The beautiful city features an array of tourist attractions and classic activities that travelers can visit and enjoy. Along with sightseeing, the city serves a wide range of delicious cuisines and is known for its delicate & creative Lucknowi embroidery work on different types of fabrics. Let’s explore what you can explore on your trip to Lucknow.

 Bara Imambara


Commissioned by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Lucknow in the year 1784, Bada Imambara is popular attraction of the city. This monument was built with the purpose of Azadari. Bada Imambara complex is classified as a Nawabi architecture that includes Asfi mosque, the Bhul-Bhulaiya (the labyrinth) and a step-well with running water that was used as summer palace. It is one of the rarest structures of Lucknow that is untouched with European elements.

Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is situated on the banks of River Gomti and often referred as Pearl Palace. It was built by Sadat Ali Khan during the years 1798 to 1814. The building has derived this name due to its pearl like white colored building.

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza is one of the most stunning gateways of India situated on the northwest of Bada Imambara. Sometimes, this gateway is also referred as Turkish Gateway in historical resources of British. It is 6 feet high and represents the heart and soul of the Awadh architecture. In reality, it is a replication of an ancient portal at Istanbul. The uppermost part of this gateway is comprised of an eight faceted cenotaph where can be reached by a staircase.

The Residency


Built to serve as the residence of of the British Resident General, The Residency is a group of buildings that is mentioned in the map of Indian history because of its spectacular sequences of events. The monument got popular in the year 1857 due to Sepoy Mutiny. This time, the palace served as the shelter of all the Europeans living in the city of Awadh. The building is declared as a protected monument by Archaeological Survey of India.

Lucknow Museum

Lucknow Museum

Lucknow Museum is set in a modern three-storied building and blends a museum and archive. It has separate galleries for bronzes, sculptures, paintings, natural history and anthropological specimens, textiles and decorative arts. It also displays a collection of coins from different eras.

Along with numerous tourist attractions shopping and culinary delights are two important aspects of Lucknow tourism.

Shopping in Lucknow

Lucknawi shopping

Shopping in Lucknow allows you buying a variety of items to take back home. It is a heaven to enjoy old style of shopping and ideal for people who are more into buying traditional stuffs. Lucknawi chikankari fabrics are the most famous thing to buy in Lucknow. One doesn’t leave Lucknow without buying chikan kurta or saree. There are several shopping places in Lucknow that one can visit for buying these stuffs.

Culinary Delights in Lucknow

Lucknow food

Lucknow is simply a paradise for foodies as it offers Awadhi food and Mughalai food in their rich variety. You may find here a lot of restaurants serving delicious food from the middle-range ones to classy also. The city is world-famous for its local cuisines that include biryanis and juicy kebabs. It doesn’t let anyone leave this city without giving them full doze of its lip smacking specialties. Some of the popular things to eat in Lucknow are kabab, Biryani, Gulabi chai, Sheermal, Andrasay and Mawa Ladoo.

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Visit Madhya Pradesh for Wildlife Experiences

India is full of such places where wildlife tours can be enjoyed but the state of Madhya Pradesh offers all the treasures of experiencing wildlife adventures. There are numerous national parks and sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh where several rare species can be spotted. During your visit to these places, encounter wildlife animals like tigers, leopards, gaurs, deer and different of species of reptiles and birds.

Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

Get more information about national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh. Here is the list of wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

It is one of the most exotic wildlife destinations in India that has outstanding green aura and that mainly comprises of Sal Trees. This sprawling national park is spread over a land of 437 square km. the main attraction of this park is 25 resident tigers. The park also features a collection of birds that can’t be found anywhere else in India.

Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary

Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located in the proximity to the famous Bandhavgarh National Park. It is home to various ranges of flora and fauna and also inhabited by different species of animals and plants. Tigers are the main appeal of this sanctuary and various other animals like jackals, chital, sambhar, blue bull and porcupine can be also spotted in this sanctuary. A different variety of birds also live here.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

It is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of India. The biggest success of this park lays its contribution of saving several endangered wildlife species that were about to be lost. The park safeguards the different species of wildlife and takes several meticulous measures to preserve the overall protection of its flora, fauna and avifauna. The rare sights of wildlife, natural atmosphere and abundance of greenery at this park inspired the Rudyard Kipling for writing his classic novel ‘Jungle Book’.

Pench National Park

Pench National Park

Situated within the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, this park is one of the great appeals of the state. The name of the park is kept on the Pench River. You can see tigers easily around the Pench River. There are 25 tigers found in this park. It is a home to 39 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians and more than 170 varieties of birds.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park

Panna Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular Tiger Reserve of India. The place enjoys major tourist arrival due to its unique charm as far as its wildlife variety is concerned. The park also features more than 200 species of birds and enjoys wide variety of flora and fauna.

Karera Wildlife Sanctuary

Karera Wildlife Sanctuary

It is certainly a paradise for bird-watchers as the sanctuary is home to an entire range of avian creatures. You can spot here the very rare Indian Bustard. It also provides refuge to about more than 250 different species of birds like Herons, Indian Robins, Pintails, Gadwalls, Indian Gazelle and Teals. Several water birds can be also spotted here.

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife

Undoubtedly, these wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Madhya Pradesh bring the beautiful opportunity to observe the wildlife closely. Most of these parks are provided with latest amenities like jeep safaris and excellent lodging options. This is the reason of the increment of the tourist traffic at these places. Have you ever thought of watching a tiger very closely? If yes, this idea of yours can ever become a reality during visit to these parks. You can explore best deals on adventure holiday tours at EaseMyTrip and go for wildlife experiences.

Top Destinations to Enjoy Best Christmas Celebration

Christmas is not only a festival but an experience to be celebrated globally. It reaches beyond the boundary of religion and location and the whole world celebrates it with absolute enthusiasm and excitement. The fun of this beautiful festival may be double if you identify the top destinations in the world to celebrate the Christmas. Christmas is almost upon us and most of us have already made plans to celebrate it in their own special ways. Giving priority to your fun requirements, travel experts at EaseMyTrip have done a proper research of the places where Christmas is celebrated with absolute fervor. See the place where best Christmas celebrations can be enjoyed.

Bethlehem, West Bank

The hectic and busy schedule of our life have made us forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas can nowhere as beautiful as at the birthplace of Jesus. The idea of celebrating Christmas on Manger Square and in the Old City can fill the visitors with a divine energy. Christmas becomes a beautiful celebration with St. Catherine’s Church’s midnight mass services in Bethlehem.

Lapland, Finland

If too much of Santa is not enough for you, Finland’s Arctic Circle is the place to go. The cheerful man in his red and white attire is the most popular resident of this place. Visit him in reindeer-dotted forests and see his elves making the toys. The place offers a world of fantasies and if you are dreaming of a white Christmas, it is the right choice to make. Visit the wonderful ‘Santa Park’, an amusement park closely located to this place.

New York City, USA

A number of movies have already revealed that what Christmas is in the Empire State. With Christmas lights, cheesy muzak, light dusting of snow, the city turns into a place celebrating one of the astonishing Christmas in the world. It amazes the visitors with world’s tallest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center and ice skate beneath it. Explore the excellent shop window displays that make it more delightful in every way.

The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican City is simply magical all throughout the year but December witnesses extra vibrations with roasted chestnuts sold on every corner and the city is flooded with nativity scenes. Vatican appeals the most pilgrims and Midnight Mass in St Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve, is a day to remember. Celebrate your Christmas and make some beautiful memories.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi beach offers the opposite of northern-hemisphere Christmas formula snow and fairy lights. Here Christmas is being celebrated with sun, sand and surf. The beach acts as a magnet for backpackers a long way from home. With Bands and DJs, a festive atmosphere prevails here.  Try something different in this Christmas apart from the Christmas trees and fairy lights.

Dublin, Ireland

On the streets of Dublin, you get a chance to do a lot for Christmas. There is 12 Days of Christmas Market at the Docklands, with lots of pantomimes, Christmas lights, and seasonal cheers. These streets of the city are superbly adorned with fluids of lights. Kids can visit the elves’ workshops. Enjoy a fun-filled Christmas at this place.

Zurich, Switzerland

Popularly known for its chocolates, mountains, snow, cobbled streets, Zurich at Christmas becomes a wonderful destination to visit. Zurich is crowded with markets, guided Christmas walks and singing Christmas trees. With a high spirit of celebrating the festival, the city invites you to have fun on the most special Christmas Eve of your life.

The above list only informs you about the places to celebrate Christmas outside India. It doesn’t mean Indians don’t enjoy Christmas. In fact, there are several great places to celebrate Christmas in India. You can also visit them on this occasion.