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Fun Filled Indian Destinations for a Perfect College Reunion

College days are fun and gives lots of memories which we cannot forget throughout our life. College days are the golden period of our precious life and we try lot of weird and fun filled activities with our buddies but as the time pass college gets over and we all get indulged in our daily routine of going office or in some urgent work. So, if you all want to revive those amazing days again below is the list of astounding Indian destinations for a perfect college reunion. Plan a college reunion just to live those moments again and to meet your old college gang. A reunion always makes us walk down the old memory lane and makes us bit emotional. Reunion trips are always nostalgic and amazing so plan it as soon as possible and gather some unforgettable moments.


This place is a perfect getaway for the ones who are seeking for some fun and food. Chandigarh is the much loved destination of all the youngsters. You can here sit in any of the cafe or you can indulge in sightseeing and can talk about old college days.


Mangalore is a place which is famous for offering delectable food, perfect landscape and beaches. This combination makes this destination more alluring and it is a superb destination for planning reunion.


Almost each one of us has planned a trip to Goa in our college days. This destination which is famous for free sand, sun and surf is so astounding that it magnetizes large number of youngsters every year. You can plan your reunion in Goa and can talk about old college days.


This destination is a perfect definition for college romance and that’s why almost many of us have explored this place already with our boyfriends and girlfriends. Be it any reason you have been top Lonavala but for sure this place is a good option for planning college reunion.


If you want to plan a reunion in a majestic and royal aura then Jaisalmer is the right option for you.  You can here enjoy desert safari, camel rides and camping as well with your college buddies. This picturesque destination will surely gives you loads of places where you can actually sit and gossip.


Manali is one such place which is apt for nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts. Your college friend who is not at all adventurous can indulge in sightseeing in Manali at the time of reunion and the adventure lovers can enjoy trekking. Plan reunion in Manali and feel the thrill of this place.


This soothing destination can turn your reunion in a soothing and amazing peaceful experience which you will surely cherish. The major attraction of this city is Golden Temple but this place is also popular among the history buffs. You can visit Jallianwala Bagh and can know more about the rich history of India. This place will definitely impress you and your friends.


Coorg is popularly called as the Scotland of India because of its outstanding landscape and amazing hot spots which allure the tourists. This destination is perfect to spend some quality time with the college friends and to plan an exhilarating reunion. Visit Coorg and explore the Scotland of India with your buddies.


If gushing water and majestic surrounding is what allures you and your friends’ then Dudhsagar is a nice option for planning a perfect getaway with friends. There is something really magnetizing about water and that’s the reason we all might have planned trips to water parks in our college life so why not replace water park with natural swimming pool which is nestled in between abundant natural bliss.


Gokarna is the second best destination for all the beach lovers. This destination will give you scenic backdrop where you can sit and talk about life with your old college friends. Here you can indulge in some adventure activities at the beaches and can also chill out at the beach with a bottle of cold brezeer or beer. Plan reunion in these enticing destinations with superb packages from and enjoy meeting old friends.


10 of the Most Famous Street Foods from Different Cities of India


India is the land of diverse cultures and traditions and known for its multiplicity. Along with its cultures, languages, religions and natural landscapes, Indian food is also one thing that diversifies India brilliantly. Different cuisines of India make our country stand apart from others. Street food of India is the most tempting part of the culinary delights of the country. Sold in public areas like markets or stalls, street foods are mostly ready to eat food. They can be found at very small price and are really delicious in taste. Each city of India has its own specialty of all time much desired snacks that are favorite of all. Explore major street foods of India offered by different cities.

Vada Pao, Mumbai

Vada Pav

It is the Indian version of burger and the most popular road side food loved by people of Maharashtra. Vada Pao is the favorite and ultimate staple food product, which is made with a fried potato dumpling called batata vada in the middle of bun – Pav. Condiments like chutneys and fried green chilies are added for better taste. It is a well-known snack food of Maharashtra and some other names in this list are Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, and Kande Pohe.

Kathi Roll, Kolkata

kathi roll

This is one of the most popular street foods of Kolkata, which is very much loved by all. A different variety of rolls are available in the city. Kathi Rolls are basically crispy lachha paratha, which are stuffed with various delights like cheese, eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken, meat and vegetables. You will definitely this delicacy.

Poha, Indore


A popular city of the ‘heart of India’ Madhya Pradesh, Indore is famous for its delicious wide range of snacks items. One can enjoy here a different variety of street food that tastes really awesome. Out of which, Poha is the most popular one. Poha is light and delicious street food, which can be enjoyed as breakfast. It is prepared with flatten rice and adding some ingredients like potato, onion and groundnuts.

Chole Bhature, Delhi

Chole Bhature

Capital city of India is the best place to enjoy street foods in India as it offers them in plenty. You can find an array of roadside food stalls. Chole bhature is a popular Punjabi dish but loved by maximum people of India. Chole bhature is a popular breakfast item and can be found any road side food-stall and even restaurants. Some other street foods of Delhi are Aloo Chaat, Dahi Bhalle and stuffed parathe.

Litti Choka, Patna


It is the most famous dish and the soul food of states like Bihar, Jharkhand and East Utter Pradesh. Litti looks like baati of Rajasthan but differ in taste due to its recipe. The dough is stuffed with grinded gram nut flour and grilled on fire. Chokha is made of potato, brinjal and tomato. The combination is ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t miss to taste this wonderful street food of Patna.

Idli Sambhar, Chennai

Idli Sambar

It is the most preferred South Indian dish, which is light and delicious in taste. It is commonly served as breakfast item and along with peanut or coconut chutney. In Chennai, you can see many stalls selling Idli-Sambhar that tastes really good. Vada Sambhar, Dosa and Upma are some other street foods of Chennai.

Kachori, Jaipur


Jaipur is also famous for variety of street food. Its Kachori is a real delight for foodies, which comes in variety. It is equally popular among locals and tourists. Some of the famous variety of kachoris are Mawa Kachori, payaz kachoi and dal kachori. Each of them is super delicious in taste.

Akki Roti, Bangalore


This healthy and spicy Indian bread is made of rice floor with little addition of finely chopped vegetables. Super delicious in taste, Akki Roti is served with coconut chutney. Along with Akki Roti, Bangalore also offers a variety of Dosa and other South Indian dishes.

Tikki-Chole, Lucknow


Aloo tikki with chole is going to bring water in your mouth for its lip smacking taste and amazing texture. It is served at most of the road-side stalls in Lucknow. It is one of the most mouth-watering delicacies of Uttar Pradesh. Tikki is prepared by mashed potatoes and served with boiled pea accompanying various spices. Some other famous street foods of Uttar Pradesh are Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Dahi Puri.

Dabeli, Ahmedabad


Dabeli is one of the most popular street foods that originated from the Kutch region of Gujarat and went through street of Mumbai, Pune and other cities of India. Dabeli is a very popular and fantastic spicy snacks item made by boiled potatoes with a special dabeli spices and putting the mixture between the pav.

Indulge into These Must Do Things on Your Rajasthan Trip


Dotted with numerous grand palaces and reflecting an unparalleled charm, Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourist destinations of India. It is truly appealing in every sense. Being a place that gives the tourists wonderful opportunity of exploration, Rajasthan features a number of palaces and architectural wonders. It is a land of beauty and mystery that has witnessed a rich historical past. The royal land displays a prosperous heritage, vibrant culture, exotic safaris, golden sand dunes, dense forests and wildlife. It is one those states of India that has preserved its old world charm after assimilating various elements of modernism. There are several must do things in Rajasthan. Explore them to capture the real beauty of this land.

Discover Heritage through Forts & Palaces

forts of rajasthan

One of the most visited tourist circuits of India; Rajasthan is the land of royal kings that make it full of royal forts, fascinating palaces, huge mansions and amazing temples. In your trip to Rajasthan, you can explore a wide number of monuments from different cities. Some popular monuments in Rajasthan are Jal Mahal in Jaipur, City Palace in Udaipur, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Lal Garh Palace in Bikaner. Apart from forts and palaces, you can also explore museums and lakes in Rajasthan.

Indulge into Extraordinary Wildlife Experiences

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Rajasthan wildlife tour is another biggest appeal of the state that let you discovering a different aspect of this land. The environment and topography of Rajasthan is unpleasant and harsh yet it is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The main reason behind this is the variation in climate of the state. The state of Rajasthan is popular as the home of dangerous species of Tigers. It features a wide variety of animals and birds in its wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Some renowned wildlife sanctuaries in this state are Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Desert National Park Jaisalmer, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park and Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Live King Size Life at Palatial Hotels


Served as home to numerous brave kings and gorgeous queens, Rajasthan features many heritage hotels that converted into lavish abodes from royal palaces and awesome forts. You can live in those heritage hotels to indulge into a king size life. Some of such heritage hotels in Rajasthan are Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur and Lallgarh Palace in Bikaner.

Take Tour to Famous Pilgrimages

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Being home to people of different religious faiths, Rajasthan features few of the most popular sacred destinations of India. On your trip to Rajasthan, you can come across famous Jain Temples, Hindu Temples and Muslim Dargah of India. Brahma Temple of Pushkar is only well-known temple of Lord Brahma in the entire world. Dilwara Jain Temple and Ranakpur Jain Temples are not just sacred places of Jain faith but also are the great examples of architectural richness of that era. Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a famous Muslim pilgrimage of India.

Enjoy Various Safari Tours


If you are going on a trip to Rajasthan, Safari tour is one of the attractions that should be added in your travel itinerary. Rajasthan Safari allows enjoying true colors of this desert land. There are various forms of adventurous desert safari. Camel safari is the most common one that takes you the distant villages of Rajasthan. Another popular means of safari is Horse safari that can be enjoyed at several picturesque locations. Jeep Safari is also a way to explore the mesmerizing countryside of the state of Rajasthan. Elephant safari, Motorcycle and Cycle safari is also very famous here.

Relish Rajasthani Cuisines

Rajasthani Cuisines

Don’t miss a chance to relish delicious Rajasthani dishes during your trip. With a complex and exquisite methodology, Rajasthani food is prepared very carefully. It makes Rajasthani cuisines one of the most delicious cuisines of the world. Rajasthani dishes are prepared with liberal use of milk, buttermilk and clarified butter (Ghee). Main ingredients of Rajasthani food are gram flour, mango powder, dry-fruits and processed milk. Some famous dishes are Daal Baati, Lapsi, Ghewar, Gatte ki Curry, and Malpua.

Explore Art & Crafts & Cultural Performances

Rajasthani dance

While your trip to Rajasthan, be amazed with the richness of arts & crafts of Rajasthan. Art & Craft tour of Rajasthan can make you fall in love with talents of the land. During you trip, buy greatest artistic works including paintings, handicrafts, jewelries and fabrics. Also enjoy another interesting aspect that is puppet shows and Rajasthani dance performances.

Go for Extravagant Shopping Experiences


Almost each city of Rajasthan offers unmatched shopping experiences to the visitors. It is a destination from where no one can go empty handed. Some of the popular things to buy in Rajasthan are tie and dye fabrics, traditional Indian clothes, Rajasthani footwear, lehnga, lac bangles and puppets. Any city of Rajasthan you visit, don’t forget to buy these things as souvenirs or for personal use.

During holidays in Rajasthan, get numerous opportunities to enjoy exotic activities and charming attractions. Several tour packages are available for Rajasthan

10 Amazing Destinations in India Perfect for Visiting in Winter Season


Winter is going to knock the doors soon and will be asking to move you out for experiencing the weather in the most amazing way. Winter is the season when pleasure mixes with coolness and creates a refreshing atmosphere. There are many amazing places in India that you can explore during Winter Season. Checkout the places in India that offer a trip of new discovery you have been longing for since long. This article is the compilation of the best places to visit in winter to make this beautiful season an epic affair.



Goa appears its best in winter season. It creates an electrifying atmosphere with late night parties, fun-indulged crowd, gorgeous beaches and much more. With Christmas Carnival and New Year Eve, the high spirit of Goa goes really high in winters. Be it an alfresco bash at any of the beaches or a high profile get-together in a restaurant, enthusiasm can be seen in every corner of Goa in this season.



Highly popular as a skiing destination, Shimla attracts adventurers from different parts of the world. The city has a cozy feel accompanying chilled weather that makes its atmosphere really romantic. Dotted with spectacular snow-clad mountains, the place turns into the hottest destination for couples seeking a relaxed winter holiday trip.



Konark is identified for its eminent Sun Temple. In month of December, the city hosts an annual dance festival called Konark Dance Festival. Each and every structure of the city gets adorned during the celebration of the classical dances and leaves the mark of the classical Indian arts and culture. Don’t miss to take a walk on the pristine Konark Beach.



One of the biggest tiger reserves of India, Ranthambore welcomes a number of travelers in winter season with a pleasant drop in temperature. The place is known for being the most affluent hubs of flora and fauna. It is a faraway terrain amidst the Vindhya and Aravalli and houses the majestic Ranthambore Fort. Along with being home to endangered tigers, it also features other animals like wild cats, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, Indian foxes, crocodiles and jackals. Pay a visit to this destination in winters.



This growing city effortlessly breathes in winters as the humid summers are long forgotten. Chennai becomes an incredible place in India to visit in winters. Come across its churches and beaches that tantalize its fast moving life. Also, don’t miss its temples and their elaborate and intricate architecture and the very famous Vandalur Zoo. Something else that Chennai is famous for, is the Marina Beach, which is the longest beach in India. Watching the sunset at Marina Beach is truly an amazing experience altogether.



Kerala is a place that one can visit in every season but the place goes into full glory once the monsoon departs. Western Ghats, salty lagoons and the backwaters display a rare charm and increase the appeal of Kerala. From backwaters to beaches and from spice gardens to tea plantations, the land has everything to make your Kerala vacation memorable. Ayurveda, ecotourism and abundance of wildlife are another charm of this stunning destination. This is the reason; Kerala is one of the top winter holiday destinations of India.

Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch

The largest salt desert in the world, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is a must visit winter destination of India. With vast expanse of white salt over 100 miles in length and 200 miles in width, Rann of Kutch interestingly remains submerged under water during monsoon season. The tourism season at this land begins in October and lasts till March. However, the best time for visiting the destination is during Rann Utsav when it goes on full swing. The festival is celebrated on grand scale and luxury tents are set that add beauty to this place.



Aurangabad is the base to explore two of the finest examples of ancient architectural marvels of India – Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves. These rock-cut caves stand as a testimony to the harmony of Buddhism, Jainism and Hindu religion. Carved entirely from the rocks using hammers and chisels, these caves are UNESCO World Heritage Site and known for their cultural importance. It is an ideal place to visit in Winter Season.



The land of royals become really hot in summer season and people avoid going there when sun is spreading scorching rays. There are many beautiful cities in Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. All of these are preferred to be visited during winter season due to the weather condition remains favorable. Go for Rajasthan tour with best Rajasthan holiday packages for incredible travel experiences. Safari tours and stay in tents in Jaisalmer give an awesome experience between month of November and February.



Declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Khajuraho is recognized across the globe for its incredibly amazing monuments and beautifully carved temples. The carvings and sculptures represent the pattern of Kamasutra. Such carvings are on the exterior of the temples and interiors of the caves depict a different world of spirituality and abstinence.

7 Tips to be Followed by Every Solo Women Traveler

solo woman travel

Many of women, young and old, proceed for journey on their own. Anyone can do it only by doing some analysis and taking some precautions. Try to discover how it makes you feel when you think of traveling alone. Are you scared or excited? There must be a mixed feeling. However, you keep praying that the journey turns out well and you return back after a safe, smooth and enjoyable trip.


Despite your wish & pray, theft and harassment are two of the biggest concerns that come on the way of woman traveling alone. Offering a mix of joy & challenges, this journey of solitude can make them facing several problems. Despite feeling the incredible sense of freedom, solo woman travelers should follow some tips to make their journeys really wonderful.

Arrive before Sunset

solo woman travel-sunset

Wherever you are traveling, always remember the fact that your arrival time in a new city/area/town should be during the day. It doesn’t let you being caught in an awful situation. You reach your destination at time and can find your destination before it gets darker.

Determine Safety in Hotels


Ask for a room close to the elevator so you don’t need to walk long. On guest registration forms simply write the first initial of your name and skip the “Mrs/Miss/Mr” check box. While leaving keys at front desk during going out, make sure that front desk clerk keeps the keys safely. Never give a clue to anyone that suggests you are alone at hotel or on journey.

Dress-Up Properly


Your attire is an important thing that conveys several things about you. Traveling on flights or staying in hotels, dress-up conventionally & avoid attracting unnecessary attention. It doesn’t mean you should choose any traditional attire but wear something decent that doesn’t make you eye-catching.

Recognize Whom to Mix with


Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone forever on your journey. Solo traveling is exciting but in plenty of situations, a company can give more pleasurable experience. Hotels and flights are perfect places to find compatible people for traveling but always be very particular in being buddy up. Otherwise, a wrong company can put you in danger.

Keep Important Contacts Ready

contacts ready

If you are traveling to a new place and have less idea about its rules & regulation, prepare a diary and jot down important contact numbers of that area along with adding the same in your mobile. The contacts are inclusive of Police control room, Ambulance and Women Helpline Number.

Be in Touch


It is mandatory for women traveling alone that they should be in touch any of family members and friends through phone, SMS, calls and regular emails. Register your trip with the Department of State online so that the embassy knows your presence in a country.

Be Alert & Show Confidence


For staying safe and enjoying a pleasant, it is really necessary to use your common sense and don’t do such thing that can put you in danger. One more thing is also very important when you are traveling alone that is showing confidence. If you are lost somewhere, don’t lose your hope and study your route map to reach at an appropriate place.

Compiled for the women traveling alone, these tips can also be used by common travelers in order to enjoy a hassle-free journey.


Top 10 Wedding Destinations in India for Those Fairytale Weddings

weddings india

India has several destinations where you can plan your dream wedding in the most luxurious way. Some of most popular locations for splendid weddings in India are the palaces of Rajasthan and beaches of Goa and Kerala. What you prefer regal wedding or beach wedding, it is completely up to you. One thing is really important that you should choose a right wedding planner for organizing this special day of your life. Explore these places of India where your special day can become a lifetime celebration.


Goa wedding

Goa is one of the most beautiful destinations of India for the couples planning to get marry. People flock to Goa’s beaches to make their matrimonial occasion cherished forever. Amidst the magical backdrop of the golden beaches where waves from the sea come and whisper something in your ears and allow your romance to continue forever, make your wedding special. The place offers couple of ways to arrange a memorable wedding here — either by a wedding planner or by one of its luxurious hotels. If you want to arrange a beach wedding, it requires a permit and your wedding planner will take care of it. Popular venues for weddings in Goa are The Leela, on isolated Morbor beach, and the Taj Exotica, on serene Varca beach. Both are in south Goa. You can also look for an intimate garden wedding option and try some other gorgeous venues available here.



There are several reasons that make Udaipur an obvious destination for a wedding in India. The most primary one is its royal setting. Recognized as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur is one of the dreamiest and fascinating places in India that makes your wedding simply out of this world. A lot of allure comes to this city from its royal architectures. Devi Garh, Oberoi Udaivilas, Durbar Hall at Fateh Prakash Palace, Taj Lake Palace and Manek Chowk are those places where you can make your wedding beautiful like a fairy tale.




The Pink City of Jaipur is an ultimate destination for those who want to get married amidst sheer royalty. The city ranges from authentic ornate palaces like Raj Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Jai Mahal Palace – to stunning old mansions. For people seeking less expensive options, Jaipur features lots of old mansions to be ideal for it. Alsisar Haveli and Mandawa Haveli are some of the greatest choices and if you want a wedding in a heritage venue, Samode Palace is a place for you.




The “Blue City” of Jodhpur is home to a number of graceful palaces, magnificent forts and breathtaking temples and offers picture-perfect and awe-inspiring setting for a royal wedding. The historical splendor, delicate art-crafts and folk music make the atmosphere of the city actually romantic and vivacious. For your fairytale wedding India, it is an ideal place to get married in a royal way. Experience the charm of the bygone era of Rajasthan and take oath of lifetime togetherness. Some of the best wedding venues in Jodhpur are Umaid Bhawan Palace, The Balsamand Lake, The Taj Hari Mahal and Ajit Bhawan, which are known for exemplifying the local flavors and culture of the state.



This ultimate serene and charming destination holds an appeal for being a perfect wedding venue. Along the banks of a lake or palm-fringed canal, Kerala features a number of resorts organizing special weddings in a traditional style. Leela in Kovalam and Varkala are main scenic spots for a beach wedding.



The beauty of Rishikesh is described by spirituality and peace. If you want to make your wedding offbeat and ethnic, it is ideal destination wedding location. The mesmeric views of mountains and the bank of Ganges allow you having a divine and serene experience. Vedic hymns and swear of your lifetime togetherness can turn this place into a sacred heaven. Aalia on the Ganges and Atali Ganga are the best places for getting married in Rishikesh.


bikaner wedding

Preserving medieval magnificence as the hallmark of the city, Bikaner brings numerous great opportunities to enjoy royal wedding in Rajasthan. It features numerous spots where theme wedding can be enjoyed. You might remember the Sidhwani’s daughter’s wedding in film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. The wedding spot was Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner. Gajner Palace and Laxmi Niwas Palace are also two great locations for destination wedding in Bikaner.



Where your wedding can be more beautiful than Agra – a place that is known for being home to the monument of love. Taj Mahal depicts an evergreen impression of love. Along with the rich Mughal culture, Agra offers a pristine atmosphere all around on your wedding. Under the dark blanket of twinkling stars at the night and with an array of Mughal cuisines, your day becomes a wonderful experience. Some of the best destination wedding venues in Agra are Courtyard Agra, ITC Mughal and The Oberoi Amarvilas.



Jaisalmer wedding

Get romantic with unusualness and royal grandeur of the city. Jaisalmer is an ideal wedding venue with palaces and forts. The city creates an utterly magical and brilliant picture of royal Rajasthan. Full of luxurious built Havelis, the city creates a beautiful world of golden fantasy in Rajasthan for a memorable wedding.  Some of the most sought after destinations in Jaisalmer for wedding are Suryagarh Palace, Gorbandh Palace, Fort Rajwada, Narayan Niwas and Rang Mahal Palace.



The beautiful city of Amritsar is one of top wedding destinations in India for people seeking to have a temple wedding. The craze of temple wedding in India is growing and has become a major pick for many couples. When tradition meets trends, it creates a beautiful fusion of peace and happiness. Along with the devotion, you also add the lip smacking Punjabi tadka to your wedding. Your wedding day is surely going to be an experience in Amritsar.


Wedding season is about to come and it is one of the most auspicious and important occasions in everyone’s life. The day doesn’t repeat in anyone’s life and the only thing that you are left with is the sweet memory of this wonderful day. In future, couples miss each and every ritual of this day. So, it becomes essential to make this event as happening as possible. It is said that marriages are made in heaven but are arranged on earth. Especially in India, weddings are organized with lots of preparations and no stone is left unturned to make it more special.

Things to Do When Your Luggage Gets Missed on Air Travel

luggage missed

Flight journey makes you very tired not just due to the traveling but because of following several formalities on the airport. After done with a tiring and uncomfortable trip, travelers finally arrive at the destination and wait for their baggage. If they realize that their baggage is not available, they feel really puzzled. On arrival, a passenger has to do several things along with attaining a business meeting to going for sightseeing. And if their baggage goes missing, the whole plan seems to be shattered.

luggage missed

The situation is really tough but one should not panic things can be made in favor. As per the Department of Transportation, just 2% of luggage messed up by airlines is left lost forever or unclaimed. Along with knowing how to grab best deals on flights, you should also know how to handle such situations. Go through the below written information and know how can you get rid of this situation.

Contact Your Airline

contact airline

The foremost thing to do in such situation is that meet a representative of your airlines at the baggage counter and tell him your problem. Make sure that you have a luggage receipt for each bag you checked so that they can determine if your luggage is delayed in transit or completely lost. If your luggage is completely lost, the employee will file a claim. Make sure that you just not have a copy of the report, but also a number to keep you in personal touch with the baggage counter. It will take lots of follow up. On customer care service number, you won’t find any appropriate answer.

File a Report

file report

Prior of leaving the airport, file a report of lost that eliminates hassles, as several airlines have claim filing deadlines. Keep your packing list in your carry-on to make the claim process easier. This way, you won’t forget about any valuable things and you can give the itemized list of whatever you have packed.

Know Your Rights

Know travel rights

Always know your rights and the ways to fight for it. If your bags are delayed, airlines will have to pay “reasonable” expenses until they found. If your luggage is lost, several airlines have a maximum claim allowance that is mentioned on the back of your ticket. It is really important to take these claim allowances into careful consideration, particularly when you’re packing. Try to negotiate on claim allowance as there is no harm into it.

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Eradicate Hassles Taking Prevention: You can avoid hassles during journey by taking several precautions.

luggage precautions

  • Take off all old tags of flights so than no one get confuse about directing the luggage
  • Be sure that while check-in to your flight, your bags are attached with right tags for your destination
  • Place your contact details in your luggage (inside & outside)
  • Attach something to appear your suitcase different so that someone having similar bags or suitcase doesn’t pick it up
  • Click a picture of your luggage that may help the airline’s employee in identifying it later

Air traveling is a common event now a days but one should know several things that can save him/her from facing any problem during or after journey.

Peaceful Escapes: Stunning Forests In & Around Delhi to Get Away from the Hustles of City Life

forests near delhi

Delhi has been much famous about high levels of pollution, crowd and dust, but very less are acquainted with the fact that it is the same city which is a proud owner of several green landscapes and lush green forests. These forests are home to different kind of animals and plants. To come across a different side of Delhi, we bring you some of the famous forests where you may forget about the daily toil of the city.

Sanjay Van

Location: Vasant Kunj-Mehrauli


Located  near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli and stretched over 783 acres of land, Sanjay Van is densely wooded and one of the famous green places in Delhi.  The area is perfect for all the bird enthusiasts as one can easily get to witness here variety of birds’ species. From Asian Koel, Brahminy starling and purple sunbird to Indian silverbill and the grey-breasted prinia, you will come across many unbelievably beautiful birds.

Southern Ridge Forest/ Tughlaqabad Ridge Forest

Tughlaqabad Ridge Forest

Location: Sardar Patel Marg

Southern Ridge Forest is a lush green expanse of 6,200 hectares, which is not only home to the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary but also features 193 bird species and several plant species. Away from the noises of the city, this region helps you attaining that much needed peace. While exploring the forests, one can easily get close to nature, spot various types of butterflies and animals including, blackbuck, porcupine, jackals and naped hare.

Jahanpanah City Forest

Location: Chirag Delhi

Jahanpana City Forest

Extended over an area of 435 acres and offering  breath of fresh air, this is the perfect escape to have some peaceful time around the nature. On one hand, you get to witness Neelgai walking in and out between the trees and on the other hand, people laughing for their laughter club exercises. Inside the forests, there happens to be a deeper trail, leading to the dense side of the forests, which can be explored. You should be alert while exploring this forest as you may lose your way among the trees.

Rajokri Protected Forest

Location: Rajokri

Rajokri Protected Forest

Intermingling with small fields and villages, Rajokri is a protected forest, depicting a different side of the crowded and polluted Delhi. When you want to experience some peace and tranquility, the region could become your escape as the greenery and the chirping of the birds, pacifies your soul.

Old Delhi/Northern Ridge

Location: Adjacent to North Campus

Northern Ridge

Situated adjacent to the North Campus, Northern Ridge Forest is a protected region since 1915. Today, the forest area has become to 87 hectares. The Kamala Nehru ridge, which is a part of Northern ridge, offers thick vegetation and more than 60 species of birds. There it also has a 80- feet deep pond which has a tragic story to it.

Mangar Bani Forest

Location: Faridabad-Gurgaon highway

Mangar Bani Forest

Surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli hills, Delhi has a lush green Mangar forest along the Faridabad –Gurgaon highway. This old forest has a story which says there was once a hermit by the name of Gudariya Baba, whom the villagers held a great respect.  He used to be very strict about preserving the forest and not letting livestock graze in the forest. So, because of that even today the villagers still guard the forest and refuse to let anyone cut the trees there.

Plan your trip now with affordable Delhi flights from Book now and explore Delhi and its tourist attractions like never before.

Incredibly Luxurious Vacations to Enjoy Once in Lifetime

luxurious vacation india

Your holiday program becomes more flavorful with the luxury accommodations of various cities that invite you to experience superb blend of Indian hospitality and modern amenities. These hotels are quite expensive but allow you to experience the royal Indian lifestyles and other lavish feel that can be only enjoyed in India. So, indulge into a world of opulence while staying at high living spaces, trying authentic cuisines, being spoiled with royal spa and everything that are going to come on your way for holidaying. Here below is the list of the most luxurious retreats in India where one should definitely stay once in a lifetime.

Rejuvenate at Ananda Himalayas Spa & Resort, Rishikesh


Situated in the lap of calm Himalayas, Ananda is an ultimate retreat of serenity and luxury amidst the holy towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh. This pleasant spa resort is a marvelous way to discover the best of wellness experience along with pleasurable accommodation and ultimate dining opportunities.

The minimum cost for per night stay is about Rs. 30,000

Indulgence in Elegance at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Taj Falaknuma Palace

One of the sumptuous palaces in Pearl City of Hyderabad, Taj Falaknuma is an incredibly luxurious abode that ensures a pleasurable stay to the guests with unparalleled hospitality. Its utterly lavish rooms are safe haven of privacy that replete with all lavish amenities. Enhance your culinary knowledge and recreate the taste of bygone era. The hotel brings the best chances to please the desire of the visitors of having lavish stay.

The minimum price for per night stay is around Rs. 33,000

Travel like a King with Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels

Amazingly exemplifying its name, Palace on Wheels is a famous luxury tourist train of India. Comprised of silver sealed carriage, this train makes you travel like a king at places like Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur and Agra. Each of its 14 saloons is fully furnished and offers unparalleled facilities coupled with royal ambiance. Though expansive, it is an ideal way to discover the splendor of Rajasthan.

The occupancy cost per person per night is around USD. 410

Feel Extravagance at the Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Oberoi Udaivilas

In a magnificent setting, The Oberoi Udaivilas blends together romance and grandeur of a different century and takes you into a retreat of serenity and sumptuousness. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, the luxurious property exudes the actual lifestyles of royal bygone era. The well-furnished rooms are provided with all lavish amenities ad nearby lake offers a memorable boat ride to the guests. Dining offers delicious variety of Indian, Chinese, Continental and Rajasthani dishes.

The cost for per night stay usually starts from Rs. 50,000

Experience Grandeur at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Spread over 26 acres of lush green environs, Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur enjoys perfect blend of eastern and western influences on its architecture. Most of the parts this hotel is inspired with Rajput tradition and its interior enjoy elegant artwork following the Art Deco style. The moment you step into this luxurious retreat, it takes you to enjoy a lavish stay with all modern amenities and excellent spa treatments.

The room rate for per night stay in Umaid Bhawan starts from Rs. 67,000

Overwhelmed with Serenity at the Leela Kovalam Resort, Kovalam

Leela Kovalam Resort

Overlooking the untouched beaches, The Leela Kovalam is known for providing palatial accommodation, flawless services and classy dining. The spa at the resort is extraordinary and offers you a range of extensive treatments. Rooms are provided with warm aesthetics, richness in amenities and graceful décor to make every stay a world class experience. Dining provides a range of global dishes at various venues.

The cost for per night stay at The Leela Kovalam starts from Rs. 11,000

Indulge into Harmony at Orange County Luxury Resort, Kabini

Orange County Luxury Resort

The natural grace of environment and luxury of present time make your stay at Orange County Luxury Resort an awe-inspiring experience. This calm heaven of extravagance enhances the romance of ethnic style and offers seamless facilities to ensure a rewarding stay. Rooms are given attention to detail to comfort your body, mind and soul whereas the dining at the resort offers delightful Indian and Continental cuisines. To lift your spirit, it also offers numerous activities.

The minimum cost for per night stay is about Rs. 22,500

 Discover Royalty at the Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

Oberoi Rajvilas

The Oberoi Rajvilas is a striking union of luxurious amenities and true Rajasthani heritage. Positioned over lush green gardens of 32 acres, the hotel always creates a charm in the mind of the visitors. It is decorated with Mughal arches, gold leaf murals, high vaulted ceilings and splendid crystal chandeliers. Rooms are provided with natural fabrics and exclusive toiletries to provide a sumptuous stay. Dining area offers authentic taste of Rajasthan along with various international cuisines.

The cost for per night stay in this hotel is about Rs. 47,500

Luxury Retreat with Vivanta by Taj at Fort Aguada, Goa


Vivanta by Taj – Fort Aguada, Goa is charming and romantic haven of luxury. No other place creates more luxurious Goan experience than this. It enjoys a picturesque setting and offers a fantastic environment to create a luxurious feel. Indulge into the space that displays the real spirit of Goa. Along with contemporary amenities, rooms at the hotel enjoy wonderful views around. Dining creates an authentic taste with several creative cuisines.

The cost for per night stay usually starts from Rs. 10,000

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These Images Suggest that Even Nature Makes India a Place of Unity in Diversity

biodiversity india

It is not a hidden fact that India is a land of diversity. People from different casts, creeds, religions and cultures live here in complete harmony. We have already talked a lot about India being land of unity in diversity. There are different varieties of landscapes in India that are embodiment of excellence and comprised of evergreen scenes to snow filled heaps. Through this article, you will realize that India is diverse not just in terms of cultural or religious aspects but even nature has contributed a lot in making it a land of Unity in Diversity.


valley flower

There are many places in India that are dotted with beautiful flowers. From Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand to Sandakphu trek in West Bengal, you can come across wonderful collection of flowers adding colors and diversity to the country.

valley of flowers


fauna india

India is home to a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries offering safari tours. All together, they create wonderful wildlife experiences for the visitors. There are many bird sanctuaries in the countries where you can come across diverse species of birds.

fauna india2



There are several valleys in India and each of these has an unparalleled charm. Some valleys of India are covered with snow while some of them are luxuriant green. Due to being diverse in nature, these valleys attract travelers from all over the world. Valleys of India are perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.


Mountains and Hill Stations


Like other landscapes, India is also home to a variety of mountains. It also features some of the highest mountain roads of the world. Each mountain range has a different persona. Some remain snow-clad all through the year while some are covered in greenery. These hills not just display exceptional natural beauty but also are the dwellings of many species of medicinal plants. One can come across here many beautiful birds, exceptional reptiles and wild animals.




Waterfalls are another element that makes India naturally diverse. There are many natural waterfalls in India that can help you in releasing your stress during vacation. These waterfalls not just create splendid views but also ensure cool experiences to the visitors.




Just like hill stations, valleys and wildlife sanctuaries, beaches also play important role in contributing to the diverse natural beauty of India. There are many beaches in India that attract a number of travelers for enjoying vacation. These beaches also allow the travelers to enjoy excellent beachside activities.



dessert 2

Like other landscapes, India is also home to three famous deserts that include Cold Mountain Desert of the Trans-Himalayas, White Salt Desert of Kutch and Golden Sandy Desert of Rajasthan. Each of these deserts has its own exclusivity contributing into the natural diversity of India.




Bordered by dense groves of coconut trees, backwaters of India are often beautifully green owing to the growth of algae on the facade. Backwaters of Kerala and Goa are important part of tourism in India. To enhance their beauty, these backwaters are explored using elegantly crafted houseboats that are the epitome of luxury, style and comfort. Travelers indulge into peaceful surroundings of the backwaters on their vacations.


Isn’t it very amazing? We always talked about India is diverse because of its people but nature has also contributed alot in making it beautifully bio-diversified.