17 Delicious Breakfasts to Enjoy from 17 Different States of India

By | July 22, 2017


India is not all about historical royalty or cultural heritage. It is also a hotspot to enjoy different types of food items. Indians are very foodie and love to experiment with food. So, their first meal of the day is not a swift affair. Breakfast in India is really important. Indians love their breakfast in variety and have a large assortment of dishes to enjoy as first meal. This article will take you on a marvelous gastronomic journey around different states of India. People living in different states eat some authentic dishes which differ in cooking style and even in taste. Explore 20 breakfasts from different states of the country that will definitely make you understand more about Indian culinary system.

Pesarattu Upma, Andhra Pradesh

Pesarattu Upma

It is a traditional breakfast of Andhra Pradesh, which is prepared using whole green lentil Dosa and stuffed with some Upma.

Khura, Arunachal Pradesh


It is a buckwheat pancake, which is the traditional breakfast for the people.

Sattu Ke Parathe, Bihar

Sattu Ka Paratha

This lentil stuffed Indian bread is truly finger-licking, which is a famous dish of Bihar. It is served as breakfast in Bihar state of India.

Khaman Dhokla, Gujarat


Khaman is a common breakfast in the Gujarat that is prepared from soaked and freshly ground gram lentil or gram flour.

Sabudana Khichdi, Maharashtra


This healthy breakfast prepared with sago seeds are just awesome in taste and authentic breakfast of Maharashtra.

Poha and Jalebi, Madhya Pradesh

Poha and Jalebi

A dish prepared from flattened rice, Poha is a lip-smacking affair in Madhya Pradesh. It is often tried with jalebi that makes it a delightful combination.

Neer Dosa, Karnataka


It is a delectable breakfast that is also very light and healthy.

Dhuska, Jharkhand


This is not a daily breakfast of Jharkhand but deserves a place in the list due to its extraordinary taste.

Puttu, Kerala


It is a traditional dish of Kerala prepared using rice or buckwheat flour and coconut and served with kadala curry.

Radhaballabhi with Cholar Dal, West Bengal


It is the most common Bengali dish that is prepared in breakfast. Radhaballabhi is served with gram lentil.

Chura Bhaja, Odisha

chura bhaja

This deep fried flattened rice is famous breakfast of this state. It is served with chopped onion and some spices.

Stuffed Parathe, Punjab

stuffed paratha

This state is known for serving variety of stuffed parathas in breakfast. Gobhi Paratha, Aloo Paratha and Paneer Paratha are some of the popular ones.

Kachori, Rajasthan


People in Rajasthan are very fond of kachori. Pyaz kachori and dal kachori are famous as breakfast here.

Momos, Sikkim


At present, momos are the biggest passion food for people in India but it is the famous breakfast of Sikkim state.

Idli, Dosa & Vada, Tamil Nadu

Idli, Dosa & Vada

Any of these served with sambar and chutney is common in Tamil Nadu that is the authentic and ancient breakfast of the state.

Aloo Puri, Uttar Pradesh


The puffed flattened whole wheat bread is served with spicy potato curry. This awesome breakfast is really famous in Uttar Pradesh.

Rice Bhakri, Goa

Rice bhakri

Rice Bhakri is a lip smacking breakfast of the people from the Konkan, which is popularly served in Goa.

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