15 Amazing Pictures That Will Make You Regret of Not Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

By | June 1, 2017

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most incredible tourist attractions that a city can have and Dubai is blessed to have it. If you are planning a holiday trip to Dubai, then never miss out this breathtakingly manicured beauty. Travelers from all over the world take their chances all through the year to have a visit to this awe-inspiring landscape. There are more than 109 million flowers planted in this garden that makes it the largest natural flower garden of the world.

Dubai Miracle Garden2

Miracle Garden of Dubai was first of all launched to the public on Valentine’s Day of 2013. An area of 21,000 square feet was incredibly landscaped with a great collection of ingenious designs and concepts. Each corner, space and arrangement of the garden is adorned with flowers of different shades and types. The entire idea of this garden is vibrantly conceptualized to just enhance the tourism opportunities in the city but also to safeguard the environment as well. It offers a welcoming atmosphere to the guests and locals.

Miracle Garden3

The garden has millions of flowers shaped like a floral flag, floral clock and a Ferrari car adorned with flowers. There are a lot more structures that are going to awe you with their sheer presence. Explore these pictures and know more.

Dubai Miracle Garden-Ship

1. Dubai Miracle Garden is home to a collection of sensational flowers creating magnificent flowerbeds, gorgeous archways and beautifully dotted castles. This Ship by the Sunset is one of the finest pictures of the garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden-castle

2. To create a rejuvenating experience for visitors coming to the rainbow gardens, the displays are changed regularly. This Islamic Castle is really amazing.

Train - Dubai Miracle Garden

3. This Beautiful Concept of Train seems to be loaded with colorful flowers and various flags have been painted to its coach giving it a complete different look.

Fantasy House - Mircle Garden

4. This Fantasy Flower House at the Miracle Garden is another splendid piece, which features plants growing on its towers, gates, walls and turrets. Incredible! Isn’t it?


5. Taking a walk under these Amazingly Colorful Umbrellas is a wonderful experience. Feel like walking on a path of fantasy while being here.

Peacocks - Miracle Garden

6. The Colorful Peacocks in this garden are the most amazing birds you would come across ever. No matters whether they are real or not but being covered in an array of colorful flowers make them worth visiting.

Floral Beauty - Miracle Garden Dubai

7. This Floral Beauty is something that you would love to die for. Human imagination has no limit and this makes him create flowers streaming like hair from a lady face.

Dubai Miracle Garden8

8. This Flower Arrangement is breathtaking.

Dubai Miracle Garden

9. Who won’t like to drive a cart like this? Would like to click some of the most amazing pictures of life here?

Dubai Miracle Garden-Heart

10. The Heart-Shaped Backdrop is the perfect stopover to click some really gorgeous pictures. It is popular place for pre-wedding photography.

Dubai Miracle Garden

11. Another Heart-Shaped Structure that makes you having a fairytale experience with colorful beauty.

Miracle Garden

12. This Toy Tulip is another piece of marvel, which creates a charming background for creating really wonderful memories.


13. This Magical Spill creates a flowery bed and an incredible view.


14. Surrounded by windmills, this area features parking space, sitting areas, a prayer room and more things.


15. Who would not like to enter into a place like.

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