These Images Suggest that Even Nature Makes India a Place of Unity in Diversity

By | September 12, 2017

biodiversity india

It is not a hidden fact that India is a land of diversity. People from different casts, creeds, religions and cultures live here in complete harmony. We have already talked a lot about India being land of unity in diversity. There are different varieties of landscapes in India that are embodiment of excellence and comprised of evergreen scenes to snow filled heaps. Through this article, you will realize that India is diverse not just in terms of cultural or religious aspects but even nature has contributed a lot in making it a land of Unity in Diversity.


valley flower

There are many places in India that are dotted with beautiful flowers. From Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand to Sandakphu trek in West Bengal, you can come across wonderful collection of flowers adding colors and diversity to the country.

valley of flowers


fauna india

India is home to a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries offering safari tours. All together, they create wonderful wildlife experiences for the visitors. There are many bird sanctuaries in the countries where you can come across diverse species of birds.

fauna india2



There are several valleys in India and each of these has an unparalleled charm. Some valleys of India are covered with snow while some of them are luxuriant green. Due to being diverse in nature, these valleys attract travelers from all over the world. Valleys of India are perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.


Mountains and Hill Stations


Like other landscapes, India is also home to a variety of mountains. It also features some of the highest mountain roads of the world. Each mountain range has a different persona. Some remain snow-clad all through the year while some are covered in greenery. These hills not just display exceptional natural beauty but also are the dwellings of many species of medicinal plants. One can come across here many beautiful birds, exceptional reptiles and wild animals.




Waterfalls are another element that makes India naturally diverse. There are many natural waterfalls in India that can help you in releasing your stress during vacation. These waterfalls not just create splendid views but also ensure cool experiences to the visitors.




Just like hill stations, valleys and wildlife sanctuaries, beaches also play important role in contributing to the diverse natural beauty of India. There are many beaches in India that attract a number of travelers for enjoying vacation. These beaches also allow the travelers to enjoy excellent beachside activities.



dessert 2

Like other landscapes, India is also home to three famous deserts that include Cold Mountain Desert of the Trans-Himalayas, White Salt Desert of Kutch and Golden Sandy Desert of Rajasthan. Each of these deserts has its own exclusivity contributing into the natural diversity of India.




Bordered by dense groves of coconut trees, backwaters of India are often beautifully green owing to the growth of algae on the facade. Backwaters of Kerala and Goa are important part of tourism in India. To enhance their beauty, these backwaters are explored using elegantly crafted houseboats that are the epitome of luxury, style and comfort. Travelers indulge into peaceful surroundings of the backwaters on their vacations.


Isn’t it very amazing? We always talked about India is diverse because of its people but nature has also contributed alot in making it beautifully bio-diversified.

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