Love Reading Books? Human Library in Hyderabad Lets You Read Humans Instead of Books

By | June 15, 2017

Human Library hyderabad

Why would anyone read a book to understand a concept when someone can sit down and explain it to you?  In order to promote the age-old mantra of knowledge and wisdom exchange from humans to humans, a very special library is now started in the city of Hyderabad.

 This unique concept of knowledge sharing lets you borrow humans, to acquire knowledge by speaking to them. It is a unique kind of library where you are motivated to ask questions and listen to people talk about their lives; their struggles and their stories.

 Hyderabad human LIBRARY

The concept was brought to India by a mass media and communication student Harshad Fad. He says, “The human library allows you to choose the human book, which is basically a person who has expertise and experience to share about a particular concept. You can then interact with the human book as they share their knowledge and experiences, and even ask questions.” Every session at this human library lasts for 30 minutes but can be extended as per individual’s requirement.

Human Library2

The idea originally started in Denmark 17 years ago by Ronni Abergel, his brother and colleagues- all part of a movement called Stop the Violence, which later foster this concept. The aim of this initiative was to use human experiences as a book from where one can learn and understand depending on the variety of genre.

Reading a book is an assured method to transport yourself to a different era, where you see and learn from the eyes of the author. A bunch of students in Hyderabad are leading this Human Library movement in their city, hoping to bring about a change in society through community stories. Today, it is estimated that the Human Library has been presented in more than 70 countries around the world, most of them in partnership.

Human Library

“In India, the first Human Library event was organized at Indore in November 2016 at the IIM Indore campus. Following with that, Hyderabad is the second city to have this event, and we are getting ready for our next event this April,” says Harshad Fad, , founder of Human Library Hyderabad.

So, how would you feel if you are conversing directly with the author? Simply Fascinating!  And If this idea excites you then you must definitely visit this human library in Hyderabad, where you read people instead of books. So when are you heading to Hyderabad. Book cheap flights to Hyderabad with EaseMyTrip and get the opportunity to be part of this incredible library. Go and get the experience.


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