Fun Filled Indian Destinations for a Perfect College Reunion

By | October 6, 2017

College days are fun and gives lots of memories which we cannot forget throughout our life. College days are the golden period of our precious life and we try lot of weird and fun filled activities with our buddies but as the time pass college gets over and we all get indulged in our daily routine of going office or in some urgent work. So, if you all want to revive those amazing days again below is the list of astounding Indian destinations for a perfect college reunion. Plan a college reunion just to live those moments again and to meet your old college gang. A reunion always makes us walk down the old memory lane and makes us bit emotional. Reunion trips are always nostalgic and amazing so plan it as soon as possible and gather some unforgettable moments.


This place is a perfect getaway for the ones who are seeking for some fun and food. Chandigarh is the much loved destination of all the youngsters. You can here sit in any of the cafe or you can indulge in sightseeing and can talk about old college days.


Mangalore is a place which is famous for offering delectable food, perfect landscape and beaches. This combination makes this destination more alluring and it is a superb destination for planning reunion.


Almost each one of us has planned a trip to Goa in our college days. This destination which is famous for free sand, sun and surf is so astounding that it magnetizes large number of youngsters every year. You can plan your reunion in Goa and can talk about old college days.


This destination is a perfect definition for college romance and that’s why almost many of us have explored this place already with our boyfriends and girlfriends. Be it any reason you have been top Lonavala but for sure this place is a good option for planning college reunion.


If you want to plan a reunion in a majestic and royal aura then Jaisalmer is the right option for you.  You can here enjoy desert safari, camel rides and camping as well with your college buddies. This picturesque destination will surely gives you loads of places where you can actually sit and gossip.


Manali is one such place which is apt for nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts. Your college friend who is not at all adventurous can indulge in sightseeing in Manali at the time of reunion and the adventure lovers can enjoy trekking. Plan reunion in Manali and feel the thrill of this place.


This soothing destination can turn your reunion in a soothing and amazing peaceful experience which you will surely cherish. The major attraction of this city is Golden Temple but this place is also popular among the history buffs. You can visit Jallianwala Bagh and can know more about the rich history of India. This place will definitely impress you and your friends.


Coorg is popularly called as the Scotland of India because of its outstanding landscape and amazing hot spots which allure the tourists. This destination is perfect to spend some quality time with the college friends and to plan an exhilarating reunion. Visit Coorg and explore the Scotland of India with your buddies.


If gushing water and majestic surrounding is what allures you and your friends’ then Dudhsagar is a nice option for planning a perfect getaway with friends. There is something really magnetizing about water and that’s the reason we all might have planned trips to water parks in our college life so why not replace water park with natural swimming pool which is nestled in between abundant natural bliss.


Gokarna is the second best destination for all the beach lovers. This destination will give you scenic backdrop where you can sit and talk about life with your old college friends. Here you can indulge in some adventure activities at the beaches and can also chill out at the beach with a bottle of cold brezeer or beer. Plan reunion in these enticing destinations with superb packages from and enjoy meeting old friends.


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