Have Fun in Italy While Trying the Enthralling Adventures

By | May 1, 2017

Italy Adventures

Italy! The very name of this destination will definitely make you think about pasta, pizza and ample varieties of wine but you might not know that this gorgeous destination is also a home of various adventures which adrenaline junkies can try. Ample adventure activities which this destination offers attract large number of adventure enthusiasts every year. Those who are fond of adventure always search for a place which can provide them enthralling activities should plan a trip to Italy soon.

Winter Sports at Val Gardena

Val Gardena

Winter sports include various activities and attract the adventure lovers. However, if you are the one who always search for that adrenaline dose then you should definitely visit Val Gardena for your next fun-filled holidays. Val Gardena offers the perfect setting and amazing technical functionality which comprises and makes the holiday one in a million. Val Gardena is quite popular among the ski lovers because this place provides exciting slopes for the crazy riders. However, adventure seekers can here enjoy various other winter activities like snowboarding and hiking.

Experience Adventure Walking and Explore Lava Caves at Mount Etna

 Mt Etna Lava Cave

Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe and it has been erupting for several million years. It is one of the famous destinations for volcano adventure tour in Sicily. This volcano adventure is one of the unique adventures which the adventure seekers would definitely love. Having an adventure walk at one of the active volcanoes and exploring the lava caves is completely a different kind of experience which you can have only at Mount Etna in Italy. Moreover, Mount Etna in Italy is one of the major attractions and exploring the volcano up close is quite interesting. So, plan your Italy tour soon.

Spend Fun-Filled Time at Leolandia


Leolandia is one of the most amazing amusement parks and is formerly called as “Minitalia Leolandia”. This amusement park is one of the fun-filled places which can definitely turn your monotonous day interesting. It is one such place which has something for everyone. With around 26 adventurous rides, this amusement park will definitely satisfy your lust for adventure with some of the most exciting and enthralling rides. It also has a terrarium with 62 types of reptiles, aquarium with around 56 different types of fish and also a theatre where the visitors can enjoy various different types of performances.

Enjoy Skiing Mountaineering at Sella Ronda

Mountaineering at Sella Ronda

Ski mountaineering in the famous mountain range of Italy; Dolomites is one of the most the tough adventures which one can try in Italy but this is certainly not meant for the beginners. Dolomites basically offer the kind of experience which almost everyone can enjoy. The popular Sella Ronda is a circular ski route which offers 26 km of downhill trails in a day. Adventure seekers can experience it without any problem as the place is well equipped with modern lifts and cableways. Moreover, interested people who wish to experience ski mountaineering should plan everything properly as it might take around 6 hours and only intermediate level of skiers should opt for Sella Ronda tour.

Explore the Limestone Caves at Grotte di Castellana

Limestone Caves at Grotte di Castellana

Castellana is the city in Italy which houses one of the scenic subterranean karst complexes where the tourists can enjoy the breathtaking surrounding and natural huge caves where stalagmites and stalactites which make attracting forms. These white caves are really spectacular and are one of the major attractions of Italy. These peculiar caves give an altogether unique experience to the visitors and it is advised to the people planning to explore caves that they should wear suitable shoes and should carry a light jacket because the temperature inside the cave averages 18 degree Celsius.

Enjoy Trekking at Mount Vesuvius

Trekking at Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is the only still grumbling volcano which is located on the European mainland which is known for the destruction it has caused to the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the 1st century AD. However, climbing this mountain now is not at all dangerous and you can here enjoy trekking up and down the hill. Adventure seekers can walk 3.7 miles to the summit or you can also ride park and ride within 500 meters to make the walk a bit easy. Before planning to complete this trek and reach the summit make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

Italy Adventure

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