Konark – A Magnificent Site and Its Amazing Tourist Attractions

By | August 30, 2017


Famous in the entire world for its magnificent Sun Temple, Konark is a significant tourist destination in Orissa situated at a distance of nearly 65 km from Bhubaneswar. Renowned for its architectural wonders and apart from several temples; Konark Beach is another major attraction of the city. Surrounded by dense forests, Konark is a vivid place that is full of colors that reflect in the delicate handcrafted items sold in its market. Everything about this place is simply breathtaking. One side, calmness of its beach completely rejuvenates your body, mind and soul, other side, great shopping options in Konark allows you having fun. You can purchase a number of items overstated sculptures portraying different Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The city becomes energetic with fun-filled activities during festivals. One of the most visited destinations of Orissa; Konark is mainly known for its Sun Temple, but there other attractions that can’t be missed during your visit to the city. Here below is more information about the places you can visit while a trip of Konark city of India.

Sun Temple


It is one of the most significant tourist attractions of Konark. Dedicated to the Sun, this 13th century sun temple was constructed from oxidized and weathered ferruginous sandstone. The temple is an excellent example of traditional Orissan architecture of Ganga dynasty. The temple is one of the most renowned temples in India and is a World Heritage Site. Located on the shoreline, Konark Sun Temple is built in a shape of a huge chariot having 24 wheels.

Konark Archaeological Museum

Konark Archaeological Museum

Situated close to the Sun temple, the Archaeological Museum of Konark is a home to the large variety of antiques. The museum has 4 galleries that display antiquities recovered from the clearance work of Sun temple. It also displays a rich reserve collection. First gallery has 62 antiquities, many of which retrieved from the Sun temple complex, second gallery displays 108 antiquities, third gallery has 45 objects on display and fourth gallery is recently organized with 45 artifacts on display.

Konark Beach

Konark Beach

It is one among the most significant and splendid tourist attractions in Orissa. Located at a distance of 3 km from the Sun Temple, the beach is known for its mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise. Visitors can be mesmerized with these astonishing views of surroundings.

Ramachandi Temple

Ramchandi Temple

Ramachandi temple is an important tourist attraction positioned towards the southwest of Sun Temple. The temple is named after Goddess Ramachandi but there is uncertainty about the presiding deity of the temple.

Konark Math


It is mainly a monastery situated on the southern side of the Sun temple. The math is dedicated to Nirakar Brahma and follows the principles of Buddhism. For locales of Konark city, it is addressed as the Ashram of Samba, the son of Lord Krishna.

Visit this wonderful city if you want to witness the ethnicity of India with natural beauty. Come Konark and experience the difference that will enchant you with its outstanding attractions.

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