Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace: The First Building in India to Get Trademarked!

By | June 28, 2017

Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Palace is one Indian treasure and a testament of regal legacy. Everyone who has ever visited it never came out without clicking pictures of the majestic building that looks simply beautiful.


 To fill us with more pride, the hotel has joined the elite club of trademarked structures in the world which includes the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Sydney Opera House. However, this would be the first from India since the Trademark Act came into existence in 1999.

It would mean?

This announcement explains that now nobody can use the Taj Mahal’s picture for any commercial purpose. In simple, the shirt that you own or the photograph you have been planning to sell with its pictures is illegal now. For any commercial use, you will now have to pay the company a licensing fee.

“We have done this to protect the distinctiveness of the building,” said Rajendra Misra, general counsel of Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), which runs the Taj Mahal Palace, reports.

taj palace cufflinks

As per the reports a couple of stores sell merchandise like photo frames and cufflinks with the hotel’s pictures on them. From now onwards, this will not happen.

“Nowadays, most of the hotels are cookie-cutters. There are not many which are designed differently,” Misra further added, adding that it took the company seven months to get the structure registered.


Constructed in the year 1903, this architectural wonder was standing even before the Gateway of India and served as a dividing point for the India Navy during WWI.

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