Visit the City of Wells and Explore These Attractions

Positioned on the southern side of Mendip Hills with the magical Somerset Levels, Wells is an ultimate destination for enjoying a small break or long weekend. The glorious history of the city takes the visitors into the magnificent Roman era and offers them a lot to visit. The name of the city has been kept… Read More »

This New Year Soothe your Spirit in Sydney

New Year is the exclusively delightful time of the year. This is the festive time to welcome the coming year and to forget the sorrows and pain of the going year. It is celebrated worldwide but in Sydney the New Year celebration will leave you awestruck. As the clock strikes 12 you can see the… Read More »

Some of the Most Unusual Festivals around the World

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Explore These Museums to Discover the Heritage of Turkey

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Top 5 Offbeat Places You Must Visit In Winters

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Top Things to Do on Pattaya Tour

Pattaya is a spectacular holiday destination in Thailand that is replete with lush green rice fields, heritage palaces and well known temples. It is popular among the travelers of modern generation, who are looking for fun, relaxation, shopping and peace of mind in a single tour. The city of Pattaya offers an extensive range of… Read More »

Top 5 Road Trips from Delhi for the Road Runners

Road trips are always amazing and exhilarating experience especially for the people who are ready for fun and adventure any time. Road Trip from Delhi to Mathura- Vrindavan- Agra If you want to have a spiritual experience Mathura and Vrindavan is a good choice. The distance between Delhi to Mathura is not much and one… Read More »

Alien Landscapes on Earth that Appear to Be from Different Planets

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Holi Celebrations in Different States of India

  Holi is a popular spring festival also known as festival of colors celebrated with huge fanfare by the people of every cadre in India. Apart from being the festival of colors, it is a prehistoric Hindu religious festival which has relates to the legend of demon King Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad, Holika bonfire (still practiced… Read More »

Holi Special – A Celebration with Lots of Festivities

The festival of Holi brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for people of India. The spirit of this festival is quite noticeable from different Holi festivities. A number of vibrant activities create a special atmosphere for Holi and its celebration. People cheerfully enjoy all the traditions and rituals related to this beautiful festival along… Read More »