Must Visit Places When You Are in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has been a melting pot of ethnic cultures, but it is also a blend of various cuisines, customs and religions, all co-existing with harmony. Right from large island groups to fertile highlands, mountains and tropical rain forest, the geography of this country is diverse in every bit. Malaysia is a… Read More »

Italy – A Land of Art, Traditional Edifices & Picturesque Beauty

Italy is a beautiful country in the Europe continent. This country is studded with astounding piece of art, cathedrals, traditional edifices, incredible and unique picturesque beauty to multicoloured and vibrant style fascinates one and all. In fact, it is has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites across the planet. This country comprises of… Read More »

Incredible Places to Visit in Brazil

Renowned for being home to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the outstanding Iguazu Falls and one of the top football teams in the world, Brazil is an exhilarating country in the world and an amazing travel destination. It is the largest country in South America and thus, covers a large area of the continent’s north-eastern… Read More »

Famous Tourist Attractions You Must Visit When in Dubai

A city that was once a desert and now has become a famous tourist destination that attracts tourists from around the world is, Dubai. Originally, Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is located within the emirate of the same name. One of the seven emirates which make up the country,… Read More »

Famous Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country by both land area and population along with noteworthy geological and cultural diversity. It has 18,110 islands out of which, 6,000 are inhabited of this largest archipelago in the world. The population of about 240 million people is derived from 300 ethnic groups that speak more than 250 different languages.… Read More »