The World’s Best Airport is All Set to Get Its Own Amusement Park

By | July 21, 2017

Singapore’s Changi Airport is about to get even better.  The world’s best airport is about to built its own amusement, which is planned to open in 2019.

Singapore Airport

 The park will have a five-story indoor garden, enclosed maze, replicated clouds, bouncing nets, giant waterfall, and tube slides.

The park is named as ‘The Jewel’ and will be designed by the worldly known Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, famous for his revolutionary complex Habitat 67 in Montreal.

Visitors of the Park will be able to walk on nets hovering three stories above the garden. And to make the views even more exciting, a trampoline-like bouncing net will also be there to help you get the real feel.

 It will also have a garden maze created by the Famous maze master Adrian Fisher with six foot hedges and will have a lookout tower to get its perfect view.

Amusement Park

Apart from the walk filled with trees into ornamental shapes, it will also feature larger than life stuffed animals. Be it children or adults, one can play among the new attraction of clouds, designed by San Francisco’s The Exploratorium. The garden will have a giant floral sculpture that would stand tall in the area.


Though the airport is not much for architecture but the availability of special amenities has made it the world’s best airport. It includes two movie theaters, six gardens, toy stores, video arcades, a playground with ride and several aerated animals.

The amusement park would make the stopovers even more stirring, as it will give you the ample amount of activities to enjoy and spend your time. After the completion of this park, Changi airport will be the world’s first airport with its own amusement site.

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