Amazing Souvenirs that You should Buy on Your Kerala Trip

By | August 29, 2017

kerala shopping

Known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country among people who want to experience some peaceful time on their vacations.  Surrounded by the stunning scenery, the region boasts every possible ingredient that makes it a great holiday destination, be it good food or great shopping.  For a perfect reminder of the Kerala, we bring to you some of the souvenirs that you should buy on your trip to Kerala.



The moment you enter the regions like Periyar, Thekkady and Kumily, the tempting aroma of spices starts to tease your senses and it becomes hard to pick up freshly-harvested black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves.  One can easily purchase them directly from a spice plantation, where they also take you on tour and educate you about its developing techniques. However, you can find number of local shops offering the freshly grown spices.

Tea and Coffee

coffee plantation

 Imagine yourself enclosed with the refreshing environment while sipping a hot tea or coffee. Get ready to stock up your tea and coffee needs as the land of Kerala, offers abundance of tea and coffee varieties. You can also head to the local factories to get acquainted with its production.

Coir Handicrafts

Coir Handicrafts

 Coir is an important element in the upliftment of the cottage industry in Kerala.  Since the land is known for promoting eco-friendly goods, Coir is the true representation. One can choose from the variety of colourful coir, home decorative and coasters.

Shell Showpieces


Every here and there in Kerala you can easily spot cowrie seashells.  Choose from the handmade stuff that includes jewellery, showpieces and clothes.  If you buy a larger one, it can also be used as a great decorative for coffee table.

Kasavu Mundu

Kasavu Mundu

Usually worn during ceremonies, Kasavu Mundu is traditional apparel from Kerala. The dress is made with cotton fabric having a gold zari border. Buy wide varieties of handloom, from sari to dhothi, which can remind you of all the good times you had in Kerala.



A nettipattam is one intricately designed golden head covering that is covered on elephants during festivals, religious ceremonies, and wedding functions. The ornament is believed to bring peace and prosperity. On your Kerala tour, do not forget to buy its mini version and hang it on your wall at home.



Generating around 80% of India’s export quality cashews, it is the seaside port of Kollam that is known as ‘cashew capital of the world’.  Whether you like salted, plain or fried, you will easily find the best variety in Kerala.



 It is a traditional oil lamp made up of brass or bronze, which is majorly seen in the religious ceremonies. Whenever you are feeling a little less of life, you can surely buy this beauty.

Mural Paintings

Mural Paintings

Colourful paintings depicting mythological scenes are trademarks of the mural paintings of Kerala. Ancient artworks dating back to the 12th century have been found on the walls of temples and churches in the region. These handmade masterpieces display the skills and talents of local artisans, and are made using natural pigments and vegetable colours.

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