Recreate Childhood Memories with Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival of Taiwan

By | June 14, 2017

Have you ever missed making those childhood sand castles? If yes, then this beautiful festival in Taiwan is something that you need to attend.

Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival

Dotted with abundant natural resources, Taiwan attracts lots of travelers with unmatched activities and varied tourist attractions. If you want a proof of it, you only need to visit the gorgeous 3-km-long golden beach between Yanilao and Fulong in Taiwan. The soft and highly cohesive white quartz sands make this beach recognized by the World Sand Sculpting Association to be perfect for forming sand sculptures in Taiwan. Once you step on that extensive stretch of sand, you will be charmed with the pure artistic brilliance festooning the place.

Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival

You get a chance to look back at your childhood memories of building sand castles. Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival takes you to a sand-built fairy-tale location, full of amazing art pieces made of sand. The Administration organized the first Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival in 2008 in order to endorse sand sculpting art in Taiwan.

Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival2

Number of people taking part in the event increased with the time. For the year 2017, the festival will be jointly organized by the Administration and the Fullon Hotels & Resorts. The Administration has full trust of implanting different level of energy into the festival while attracting more number of visitors. The festival started on 6th May this year to celebrate its 10th anniversary with theme ‘Celebrating the 10th Anniversary: A Castle of Golden Sands in Fulong’. More than 22 sculptors from all over world are attending this festival to demonstrate more than 80 sand sculptures on the beach. Some skilled sand sculptors will also display here a magical castle built by them during the festival.


There are no boundaries for art and this festival will be justifying this saying. Sculptures have their own local pattern, but merging them with others brings varied socio-cultural objectives together. You will find here sculptures of different superheroes from your favorite comics or also come across the sculptures of fairies and devils. There is also a huge sand sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi to admire his struggle and hard-work for the humankind.


The festival will last till July 9. So, book Taiwan holiday packages and visit the festival in person to appreciate the art and come with lots of beautiful memories. You call or whatsapp our travel experts at 990980980 to know more about the package details and plan a trip accordingly.

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