These Cities in Victoria Make Your Australian Holiday Absolute Fun

By | January 21, 2017

The most densely populated state of Australia – Victoria is located on its South-East region. Comprised of goldfields, unspoiled coastline and rugged mountain landscapes, the region gives you the opportunity for having utter fun. Explore top places that you can visit in Victoria. You can take many beautiful journeys at this destination. Discover more.


Main Ridge

Main Ridge is a rural locality south of Melbourne. You will be surprised to see that how this densely populated small region features such extravagant vineyards, best of restaurants, amazing food stores, artefacts production houses and orchards.

Main Ridge Victoria


Queenscliff is a seaside town that has a rich history, which makes it a must visit destination for many tourists. The place was originally a fishing village, which extended into a tourist destination adding several places of interest. While walking along the sandy beaches of this beautiful destination, you may come across the fabulous hidden treasure of this scenic town. The history of the land is rich and its heritage is even richer. With the sights so amazing, the place turns into a perfect holiday destination for people seeking excitement with a dash of unusualness.



Healesville is a regional food and wine hub, which is encircled by stunning scenic views. You may be overwhelmed with a number of wineries present there. Along with wineries, Healesville is also known for offering artistic inspirations.



Princetown is a coastal village in Victoria region of Australia, which is situated on the Great Ocean Road. There is a river estuary and wetlands close to the township. The town is surrounded on two sides by national parks, with the Port Campbell National Park extending north-west side and the Great Otway National Park in the south-east. It is fun to be here.



Cowes is the main township on Phillip Island in the Gippsland region of Victoria. Established for the day down at the north-facing beach, it is a perfect spot for picnics, beach adventures and water sports activities. It is an ideal spot to use as a base for exploring many local attractions.



Northcote is a destination where hipsters of yore with their essential cafes, bars and boutiques. Located on the conventional lands of the Wurundjeri people, the place is known for offering unmatched city views. There is a definitely a creative vibe all around Northcote. The place has a number of eating joints where one can satisfy his needs of dining.



Geelong is a city in the southwest of Melbourne. Surrounding its bay, there is a Waterfront esplanade that has a 19th-century carousel and an arched art deco boardwalk and sea bath at Eastern Beach. The region offers a wide range of tourist attractions, including natural bush, panoramic surf beaches, historic structures and cosmopolitan shopping districts.



Melbourne is a beautiful city that attracts visitors with several unusual surprises. Offering endless opportunities for fun and amusement, it allows them enjoying a superb holiday. It is not just a city offering an array of fun activities but also discovers the beautiful ways of living a life. This bustling metropolis enjoys a wonderful beach life that makes your vacation truly memorable in many ways. It is home to some of the most wonderful museums, best cultural centres, art galleries, architectural marvels, and theatres. The city displays a cultural richness in its every aspect.


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