8 Best Tips to Remember to Survive the Long Haul Flights

By | September 8, 2017

long haul flights

A long haul flight can be very frustrating and tiring for any traveler, but if you want to arrive at the other end of the globe in one day, then it’s the best mode of transportation. So, if you are well prepared in advance well then you might not have a very bad experience on a long flight! In the following write-up, we have mentioned few smart tips that you must remember while going for a long haul flights and your journey a bit easier for you:

Choose the Correct Time of Travel

right time to travel

A long haul flight may become worse experience for you if the flight is crowded. So, before planning a tour, consult a good travel agent and as per his consultation, choose the best time. The travel expert will suggest you the best flight which you should board, and also, inform you about the best time to book flight tickets. In fact, traveling in the peak season wouldn’t be a great idea, except you like to travel in fully crowded flight.

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Choose the Right Seat

right seat

In a long journey, if you don’t get a comfortable seat, your journey is will be very painful. Therefore, it is very important to book the right seat in flight. For instance, if you have a bladder problem, then you must opt for an aisle seat. While, if you want to avoid any type of annoyance from people walking through the aisle, then the window seat would be just best for you. And, if you are traveling with kids, then choose the partition seats. There are many online portals that will help you selecting your suitable seat, so do visit them before you book flight tickets.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

comfortable clothes

First and foremost rule of going on a long haul flight is that you must not wear tight clothes. As, the most important thing on a long flight is comfort, so wearing comfortable rather loose clothes would be the best! In fact, you should wear loose clothes, a pair of fresh socks and easy to remove footwear. Wearing comfortable attire is the most important thing while going for long haul flights.

Avoid Carrying Extra Luggage


You are allowed to carry checked baggage for free but it doesn’t mean you stuff your space with so much things. Always avoid carrying extra luggage on flight as it would reduce the seating area. This would definitely add discomfort for the long air travel.

Keep Certain Things Handy

essential travel items

There are few things that you must keep handy on a long haul air travel. These things are mainly have the potential to improve your comfort. For instance, you can buy a travel kit in the market that has all the essentials travel items (including a neck pillow, eye masks etc.).

Get Something Entertaining for You Onboard

Get Something Entertaining

If you have carried all the right things, then you will surely have means to kill your time onboard flight. It is an advice, that you should not start listening to songs immediately as you would not like to read the sign “battery low”, when you need your iPod the most! Instead, you can opt to watch your favorite movies, shows like, Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Or else, if you are a book lover, you can read one or two books in one go.

Move Around to Avoid Body Ache

walk in plane

You can walk through the aisles and interact with fellow passengers. It will not just prevent your body from aching (because of poor blood circulation) but will give you some relaxation as well. To move around, you can take a stroll up and down through the aisle a few times or just do some stretches on your seat.

Be Prepared If You Want to Sleep

sleep in flights

Last but not the least thing you can do is, sleep! If it is a long air journey and you want to spend the time by sleeping then it is essential to be well prepared for the same. Pack head restraint or a travel pillow in your carry-on bag and do not take the inflatable ones (offered on flight) as they can be very uncomfortable for your neck-room.

Besides all, the most important things to remember are to secure your luggage, wallet, keeping yourself hydrated on flight. So, keep these tips in mind and enjoy your air journey!

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