Top 7 Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By | February 9, 2017

Mostly people in India are dessert lovers and are the proud owners of the sweet tooth. Especially in India people don’t search for a reason or occasion to have dessert. Below is the cherry picked list which the hardcore lovers of desserts can visit to satisfy the taste buds.

Indian Sweets

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi Wale in Delhi

If you want something freezing and tempting that this place appropriately fits in your choice. This famous outlet is located in Old Delhi and serves the best kulfis you’d ever had. This outlet is famous for its variety of kulfis because they serve kulfi in over fifty different flavors. Some of the flavors are tamarind, pomegranate, Paan and falsa. These exotic flavours make them unique. This place is very much popular but despite that they made ice creams using hands and best dairy products. One can here try out stuffed kulfis as well.

Mango Kulfi

Kayani Bakery in Pune

This bakery is located in Pune and it has its business since British’s were ruling our country and that’s the reason it has colonial charm also. They are known for its Shrewsbury Biscuits which are really popular and just simply melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite and will leave your mouth buttery. This place is always flooded with buyers. One can here try sponge cake and mawa cake too.

Kayani Bakery

Nahoum and Sons in Kolkata

There are many bakeries in Kolkata but this particular bakery has gained fame when it comes to desserts. There are many unique things which this bakery offers; one can here drown in the amazing and piquant taste of desserts. If you are in Kolkata than it is a must visit place and one can here try tempting lemon puff, strawberry cubes and custard rolls.

Nahoum and Sons

Ritz Restaurant in Lucknow

If you love motichoor laddoos more than any other dessert then you should try Ritz restaurant in Lucknow. The laddoos served here are moist and are made up with desi ghee for binding. Laddoos from here are so tempting that you don’t have to chew them because they will melt by their own. Apart from this one can here try Kaju Katlis and besan laddoos and both of these desserts are utterly dreamy.

Ritz Restaurant

Leopold Cafe in Mumbai

This cafe in south Mumbai is a holy triad for any dessert lover. Leopold serves up the most heavenly cheesecakes and other desserts also. If you are planning to visit here you can try raspberry cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate pastries are famous too. This cafe is a must visit place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Leopold Cafe

Chowk in Varanasi

Varanasi’s Chowk is famous for selling frothy, light and creamy Malaiyo which is kind of milk foam prepared under morning’s fresh dew. This is a light sweet which is delicate and is flavored with dry fruits and saffron. Do not miss to have this if you are in Varanasi in winters.

Chowk in Varanasi

Paradise Restaurant in Hyderabad

This restaurant in Hyderabad serves the best compote of apricots which is popularly known as Qubani ka Meetha. This dessert is the most liked dessert in Hyderabad. The perfect way to enjoy this dessert is to have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This nawabi dessert is flavored with dry fruits, cardamom, saffron and other exotic spices. If you want to reach these places comfortably, then you can check out the best deals on

Qubani ka Meetha

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