Top 10 Cities in the World Offering Ultimate Shopping Experience

By | July 24, 2017


If you are the one who goes crazy every time you go for shopping, then the cities mentioned in this article will definitely make you go crazy. However, every city has certain places where one can enjoy shopping but these cities are known for offering wide range of selections and prices. So, explore these amazing cities and satisfy your shopping desire.

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New York

New York shopping

This destination is one of the best when it comes to shopping; it houses wide variety of shops, outlets & specialty stores. Here one can get anything from high end watches to jeans while walking in the Manhattan strip. Moreover, price ranges are flexible and here you can find clothing and other accessories from all corners of the world at one place.



It is one such destination which is renowned for its style, attractions and designer boutiques. Here you can enter at any of the high end store and can get a panorama of expensive jewelry, designer clothing and shoes. You can also enjoy shopping at any of the famous boutiques along Montmartre. These boutiques are open since long and are the perfect place to experience history and style.

San Francisco

San Francisco shopping

This city offers the mix of independent designers and large malls. Westfield in San Francisco is one of the best places where shoppers should definitely head to, as this mall features designers from all over the world. If you want to experience San Francisco’s greatest independent stores then take a walk around the famous Fillmore. Moreover, shopaholics can here get trendy latest attires.


London shopping

This destination is filled with every shop you can ever imagine; from high end to low end here the shopaholics can get everything. You will also spot corners of London housing unique cultural blend of stores, fairs and markets. Do not forget to explore Liberty Mall to have the memorable shopping experience.


Moscow shopping

If you are the one who prefers to buy luxurious stuff then plan a getaway to Moscow. However, it is advised that frugal shoppers should stay away from this city. This city houses some of the most expensive brands which are easily accessible. Explore the world famous GUM on Red Square or find the latest perfume at the newly restores Tsum. With wide range of brands, Moscow is the apt city for expensive shopping.


Dubai shopping

This city needs no introduction when it comes to shopping. One of the greatest attractions which magnetize shopaholics from all over the world is the Dubai Mall. This mall is filled with various outlets including shopping, activities and makeup. With amazing sales and outstanding offers this mall can have any shopper gushing. So, plan your Dubai holidays soon with best holiday packages at


Barcelona shopping

Barcelona is another outstanding destination for shopping lovers. There is a mall in Barcelona on the pier at the end of Las Ramblas which offer clothing for almost every budget. Shopaholics can walk down Las Ramblas and its side streets to find a cobbler or a chic boutique. In Barcelona shopping affectionate people can also find many common retail outlets scattered.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong shopping

In Hong Kong the international shoppers can get the best value. In Hong Kong Mall you can buy stuffs from local as well as famous brands. Moreover, you can also shop with the locals at the hip Fang Hong outlet.


Tokyo shopping

Here at this destination you will find mall to suit your needs almost at the end of every dazzling street. However, shopping in Tokyo can be a bit expensive but you will not be disappointed because Tokyo offers wide collection as well.



Berlin is another amazing city which has a unique selection of independent outlets and high end retailers as well. The independent stores of Berlin are filled with enticingly designed shirts, shoes and hats. With impeccable quality and unique stuff and fair price, Berlin makes its entry in the list of top 10 cities in the world to enjoy shopping.

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