Top Cities to Enjoy Wine Tours in Burgundy Region of France

By | May 8, 2017


Burgundy is the perfect place to indulge into the harmony of the amazing Christianity centers. On your trip to this region, you get to travel through the region and explore the beautiful Romanesque churches and remarkable Hôtels-Dieu. It is a historical territory that has referred to a number of political entities. The history of the buildings of Burgundy dates back to the middle ages and the Renaissance. Travel back in time with a range of exceptional treasures available in the region. Along with history, wine tours are the most popular thing about Burgundy. Exploring the vineyards in Burgundy is a treat for the senses of the visitors. There are five popular wine routes in the region that makes you roam amongst the many famous vineyards. Explore a world of endless discoveries on your trip to Burgundy.


Beaune vineyard

Beaune is a protected town located at the heart of the Burgundy winemaking region in France. Encircled by the Côte d’Or vineyards, the paved town is well-known for an annual wine auction arranged at the Hôtel-Dieu. The city is recognized for its multi-colored and geometric-patterned tile roof of 15th-century former hospital, which is now converted into the Hôtel-Dieu Museum. It also has a number of wineries that offer extensive wine tasting tours. There are a lot more to explore in this city. Go for enjoying a wonderful journey.



The capital city of the historical Burgundy region, Dijon is located in eastern France. It is one of the prime wine-producing areas of country. The city is known for offering wonderful vineyard tours, autumn gastronomic fair and building styles ranging from Gothic to art deco. There is a distinguished 1787 museum, which is located in the vast Palace of the Dukes and displays a great collection of crafts, paintings, sculptures and antiquities. The city is surrounded by prominent vineyards presenting a wide range of wines from different labels. Discover stunning landscapes, huge vines and also a castle in the heart of the vineyard on your trip to Dijon.



The northernmost wine district in the Burgundy region of France is Chablis, which is known for its cool climate and produces wines with more acidity and flavors less fruity.  Fifty years ago, the place was having only 400 hectares of vineyards but it has turned into 4,900 hectares by now. Due to being located further north than the rest of Burgundy, the wines are subtly different in style and have a feel of beautiful fresh minerals. A trip to this city is going to be quite interesting for the wine lovers.

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