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Top 10 Most Beautiful Religious Attractions in the World

The whole world is full of people with different religious believe. There are many religious places on planet that fascinates tourists not only due to their spiritual significance but with their extraordinary architectures as well. Expert architects and designers have made all their efforts in not just beautifying these structures but also honoring the deities of these religious places. These spiritual attractions are comprised of super-modern temples, mountaintop monasteries, amazing mosques and incredible churches. Explore these beautiful religious places of

Best Places in Mumbai to Eat Ramadan Food

The city of dreams Mumbai is a melting pot of different beautiful cultures. It is known for celebrating every festival with absolute fervor, enthusiasm and carnival and never fails to impress anyone. Ramadan has already approached and fasting through the entire day may be really challenging for the persons keeping fasts. But one keeps moving though out the day in the eager wait of the evening when they can savor some delicacies and satiate their appetite. Ramadan is that occasion

Amazing Cat Cafes around the World

Cat cafes are a concept which is gaining popularity nowadays. This idea is first introduced in Taiwan. The very first cat parlor is in Taipei and is currently called as Café and Cats. Cat café is basically a place where one can spend some quality time with the cute furry creatures without facing the weird and angry behavior of neighbors. This amazing concept catches the attention of the Japanese soon and numerous cat cafes opened up there as well, slowly

Less commercialized Destination for your next Holiday Experience

Famous holiday destinations have become so cliché with so much crowd taking away all the feel of being on a vacation, but the time has come to explore  something new and discover the lesser known and magnificent landscapes along with little blending in with the locals for an unforgettable  experience. Keeping this in mind, there are some of the less crowded places that should be featuring on your next travel bucket list. So pick your favourite destination to explore and

Some Amazing Movies on Magnificent Himalayas

Almost everyone in this world is aware of the alluring beauty of grand Himalayas and we all have at some point of time dream about exploring the beauty of Himalayas and we can do this at anytime whenever we wish too. There are lots of movies as well in which Himalayas are the major topic and are based on Himalayan expeditions. Below is the list of movies which are based on the grand Himalayas. You too can plan tour towards

Places with Perfect Ambience to Write

There are many writers in the history of the English language who got inspired by nature and the surroundings in which they write. According to the famous writer Ruskin Bond “But the trees seemed to know me. They whispered among themselves and beckoned me nearer”. Soothing music, spectacular landscape, Solitude and scenic locales are a perfect delight for the writers.  If you are also a writing affectionate person and want to visit a beautiful and picturesque destination to pen down

13 Beautiful Waterfalls in India

Want to enjoy nature at its very best? Get set for a journey through the awesome waterfalls of India… One can say India is truly blessed with some of the most beautiful places on Earth and the best truly stunning waterfalls in the world. So get ready and plan a trip to some of the most beautiful waterfalls that India has to offer. So here goes, read on… Dudhsagar Waterfalls – Sea of Milk It’s not just beaches that Goa