A Dessert Journey of Various Indian States

Among several specialties of our country, Indian cuisines are another great delight of the tourism of India. It ensures a mouthwatering culinary journey to the visitors. Every corner of India offers a special food habit and one gets to try out different kind of dishes. People of India usually are sweet tooth. So, there is no surprise as the country has to offer so much to its guests and people. Sweet dishes are the specialty of India and one can find several scrumptious desserts in different Indian cities. There are lots of desserts of India, which are superb in taste and consumed irrespective of any special occasion. Go through the dessert journey of India and explore some popular desserts from different Indian states.

Ghewar, Rajasthan    ghewar rajasthan

This disc-shaped sweet dish is made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. This is a popular dessert of Rajasthan, which is mostly prepared in festive seasons. People love Ghewar a lot due to its unusual taste. However, it is not available in every region and season. It is also famous in the neighboring states of Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Modak, Maharashtra modak sweets

The popular dessert of Maharashtra is famous in whole Western, eastern and Southern India. Not just yummy in taste, Modak is very really attractive in appearance. Modak is basically a sweet dumpling stuffed with a filling of fresh coconut and jaggery. The soft shell of this sweet dish is prepared with rice flour & processed milk. The sweet has great importance in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Rasogolla/Rasgulla, West Bengal rasgulla sweets

The spongy and soft cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup is just awesome in taste. Rasgulla are really delicious in taste. The dish was created in East India and states of Odisha and West Bengal are said to be the birthplace of the dish. However, it is best available in West Bengal and loved by everyone. Rasgulla is admired as the king of Indian sweets and your craving for Rosogolla grows once you taste it.

Pinni, Punjab pinni sweets

Delicious and rich in taste, Pinni is an authentic dessert of Punjab and other nearby states of North India. Prepared with adequate amount of ghee, dry fruits and wheat flour, Pinni is a typical sweet of winters.

Bal Mithai, Uttarakhandbal mithai

Bal Mithai is is a popular dessert of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It is brown chocolate-like fudge, which is prepared using roasted khoya and coated with white sugar balls. The origin of the sweet is unknown but Almora is filled with sweet shops selling this particular dessert.

Mysore Pak, Karnataka mysore pak sweets

A rich sweet dish of South India, Mysore Pak is prepared using liberal amount of clarified butter, sugar, gram flour, and cardamom powder. The sweet has been originated in Mysore, Karnataka. It is assumed that it was firstly prepared in the kitchen of Mysore Palace. From there, it became so famous that converted into a ‘Royal Sweet’.

Basundi, Gujarat basundi sweets

The sweetened dense milk is a noted dessert of the state of Gujarat but also consumed in Maharashtra and Karnataka. In North India, a similar kind of dessert is consumed with name Rabri.

Bebinca, Goa bebinca sweets

Bebinca is a well known authentic and superb pudding dessert of Goa. It can be also tasted in East India and Mangalore. Traditional Bebinca is prepared of 16 layers and can be enjoyed with ice creams.

Other states of India also have some exclusive desserts. Visit those states to find more about them.

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