Beat the Heat with 7 Famous drinks of India

India is a place where people have large appetite and where people are very particular about the taste of food. Mostly Indian people can compromise with everything but not with their hunger. No single day is complete for around 80% of Indians without a cup of tea or a mug of coffee, but tea is not the only beverage Indians take. There is a long list of desi Indian beverages which will surely refresh you to the core. Below is the list of refreshing journey which you can take across Indian states with easy on pocket deals from and try the authentic and famous beverage of different states of India.


Haryana – chaach

Haryana has its very own flavorful beverage which is called as chaach; it is one of the famous Indian drinks and is easily available in Haryana and other states of India. It is basically the salted buttermilk and is also flavored with mint. This drink is famous in southern part of the country.


Punjab – Lassi

Punjab is the land of 5 rivers, sarso da saag and makke di roti, butterchicken and lassi. Lassi is the drink which is loved almost everywhere; lassi is a humble energy drink which is served in different flavors like mango and kesar.


Gujarat – Pannah

Summers are almost on the doorstep and Pannah is one of the most refreshing drinks which will soothe your mind in the scorching heat. This drink is prepared with the king of fruits ‘mango’, the ingredient used in Pannah is mango pulp which is flavored with pepper, salt and cardamom. Gujarat being a dry state makes this drink really famous. You can try this drink on Gujarat tour.

noon chai

Jammu & Kashmir – Noon Chai

Noon chai is the authentic Kashmiri beverage and it is usually served 2-3 times a day and is served mostly with pastries like lavasa. Noon Chai is a savoury drink and baking soda is used in this drink which gives it a pink colour. Moreover cardamom, cinnamon almonds and pistachios also added in the drink to balance its salty flavor. Noon Chai is the popular drink of Kashmir which you can taste on Kashmir tour.

sattu sharbat

Bihar – Sattu Sharbat

This refreshing drink is quite common in Bihar and locals of Bihar really like this drink which is a real energizer. Sattu Sharbat is made of roasted gram flour. This savoury drink is really nice and is packed with protein.


Chhattisgarh – Mahua

Mahua is the traditional drink of Chhattisgarh and tourists can try this drink on Chhattisgarh tour. This drink is made with the main ingredient which is ‘flowers of mahua tree’. The drink is made by fermenting mahua flowers which are edible as well and have medicinal uses too. This drink is served in Chhattisgarh during celebrations and festivals.


Uttar Pradesh – Thandai

Thandai is one of the famous beverages in Uttar Pradesh and is also associated with festivals like holi and mahashivratri. Sometimes thandai is also served with cannabis. This refreshing drink is made with milk as a base and dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, fennel seeds, cardamom, saffron, sugar and rose petals are also added in this energy drink.

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