Beautiful Beaches of Greece

Renowned for its beautiful beaches, Greece remains crowded with beach lovers from all around the world. The beaches can be in various parts of the Greek coast, including both the many gorgeous Greek islands and its mainland. Every beach provides something unique to every traveler coming his or her way onto the shore. Whether you visit one or all of the beaches in Greece, visitors will certainly have something special to hold in their memories for years to come. So, read on to this article and get to know about popular beaches of Greece!myrtos beach tour greece

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is a stunning and surprising beach in Kefalonia. The shining white pebbles of this beach extend sharply into the deep blue of the sea. The precipitous mountains and tall cliffs behind the Myrtos beach add a landscape beauty. Those who love to enjoy sun, sun and sun; they should come to Myrtos Beach. Here, you you can enjoy only one water sport available that is – swimming. However, sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented on small fee. Most of the visitors are suggested to wear sandshoes while visiting to Myrtos Beach. The thing look like sand is actually rock that can be difficult on the shoe-soles until one reaches the sandy seabed.navgio beach greece

Navagio Beach

Quiet and beautiful, Navagio Beach is the key highlight of a vacation on Zakynthos, which is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. This stunning beach is floating between the limestone cliffs of the island and can only be accessed by boat. After reaching here, you can witness the ruins of a shipwreck, completely clear waters and try your hands at BASE jumping from the cliffs above. It is to be noted that there are no amenities at this beach, but the boats which carry visitors to and from sometimes offer drinks or even good quality lunch. Login to and book exciting Greece holiday packages at cheapest cost.porto katsaki

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is home to the Lefkadha beach, which is frequently ranked as one of the best beaches in Europe. The turquoise blue sea water and the long stretch of beach beneath a verdant cliff is truly spectacular. Though, multitudes of visitors come here at this beach, there is plenty of room for everyone. However, tourists will have to bring many sporting supplies like the only items for rent on the beach are sun-beds and umbrellas. Porto Katsiki can be reached by taxi boat for those who prefer to avoid the long climb.simos beach

Simos Beach

Simos Beach located on a small island of Elafonisos and hailed by locals as the best beach in the whole country. The perfect blend of turquoise waters, sparkling sand dunes and sole flora create an atmosphere that is appreciated by all. In fact, you would find more often find more locals than tourists at the Simos Beach as it is renowned for its calm waters and vivacious party atmosphere. In short, it is a complete family vacation spot, where children can swim during the day and splash in shallow and clear water. On the other hand, in the evening, the beach comes alive with music, drinks and dancing thanks to the many bars in the area.

Apart from these, Elafonisi Beach, Lindos Beach, Balos Lagoon, Paradise Beach, Koukounaries and Agios Prokopios are some of the other incredibly beautiful beaches of Greece.

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