Beautiful Islands of Italy

The beautiful country of Italy has over 80 spectacular islands in its border. One can come here and explore any one of them and enjoy their holidays. Right from the beautiful Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily to the 17 islands that make up the Venice city, the islands of Italy are as diverse in landscape, climate and culture as the nation’s mainland. Whether you are seeking this beautiful country’s rich past or looking for a scenic beach with soft sand and clear water, the islands of Italy have something unique to offer every visitor. Here, in the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the most beautiful islands of Italy which you must visit.italy tour


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region of Italy, which also includes various other islands and archipelagos. This island is separated from the mainland by the two-mile-wide Strait of Messina and can be reached by boat, hydrofoil, plane or ferry. Mount Etna is the most amazing geological feature of this island. The tallest active volcano in Europe, island’s beaches, sunny, and seaside resorts with dry climate are this island’s biggest tourist attraction.capri, italy


Situated in the Bay of Naples, Capri is an incredible island that is rich in history and mythology. The Roman emperor Tiberius resided here till his death in 37 A.D. Villa Jovis, which was once the imperial residence of the emperor is one of the most famous tourist attractions of this island. A famous natural attraction of the island is the Blue Grotto, which is a waterfront cave accessible by boat (when the sea tide is right). A famous activity to try here is riding the Seggiovia chair-lift in the Anacapri city to the ‘summit of Monte Solaro’. Through this chair lift trip, one can enjoy the magnificent vistas of the island and sea.


Elba is the part of the Tuscan archipelago off to the western coast of Italy. This island is worldwide known as a place of exile for Napoleon and many of the visitors like to visit his summer and winter homes on the island. Also, Elba is the third largest island of Italy and has over 150 beaches, which varies from wide stretches of sheltered coves to sand. Some of the most famous beach destinations of Elba Island include the ultra-fine sand of Procchio, the resort of Marina di Campo, and the dreamy blue waters of Fetovia. Visitors have been known to come across precious gemstones, crystals and quartz (on the slopes of mineral-rich Mount Capanne).


Lipari is the largest of the seven volcanic isles which make up the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. Once popular for the black obsidian pulled from its volcanic earth, Lipari is renowned today for its rugged landscape, crystal-clear blue water and beautiful white-washed towns. Snorkeling, boating, diving and hiking are some of the famous activities tourists like to try on this scenic isle. Apart from these, the Aeolian Archaeological Museum is a must-see attraction that houses a fine collection of artifacts from the nearby Contrada Diana necropolis.

Some of the other famous islands of Italy are Sardinia, Lampedusa, La Maddalena, Ischia, Panarea and Procida.

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