Beautifully and Curvy Buildings Created by Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hudertwasser was an Austrian artist and he spent his whole life championing the curve against the straight line. From the mid of 70’s all his enticing buildings were curved and somehow related with the natural features of landscapes. Below is the list of some outstanding Hundertwasser architecture which has lush green vegetation, uneven floors and unique windows.



It is a residential building and its structure got completed in 2000. It is located in German city of Darmstadt. The name of this building meant forest spiral in English and the building actually has a green roof which actually justifies the meaning too. This building has 105 apartments and over 1000 windows and each window is unique. This beautiful building has a parking garage, Cafe and a kiosk located at the top of the building and some of the apartments are even decorated in Hundertwasser’s personal style with amazingly colorful tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are the characteristic for his own style.



It is a colorful building and it is located in Vienna’s center in Landstraße district. While constructing this building Hundertwasser developed a concept with the Krawina who is an architect for doing the buildings design. This building has 52 apartments and all of them are in different color, there are several trees which cover the roofs. Currently it is an intrinsic part of Vienna’s cultural heritage. The construction of this amazing building ended in 1985.

quixote winery

Quixote Winery

It is an only project in US built by Hundertwasser in Napa Valley of California. The owner, Carl Doumani wished to have a small winery and he was also friends with architect Hundertwasser. It is designed in a Hundertwasser style and that’s why it took 10 years to complete this structure. This winery is designed with uneven floors, ceramic tiles and irregularly rounded and painted columns. The winery is however dominated by a living roof with grass, bushes, trees and onion shaped golden dome.

Hundertwasser House of Plochingen

The Hundertwasser House of Plochingen

It is the most attractive building in Germany town because the inner courtyard of the complex is designed by Hundertwasser. This building is a collection of vibrant colors, whimsical balconies, ceramic bands symbolizing streaks of rain and trees coming out from oriels and rooftops.

Hundertwasser in den Wiesen

Hundertwasser in den Wiesen

It is located in small town of Bad Soden and it is decided that it would be a condominium of 22 units’ but it built with finally 17 units. Hundertwasser buildings are spectacular and unique. This building is the first bath house in Bad Soden. It is one of the main attractions of the area.

green citadel

Green Citadel

It is the last project of Hundertwasser since 2005 and is located in Magdeburg. Hundertwasser was basically asked to change the ordinary house of East German style but he proposes the idea to construct a totally new building. This building is a home of a hotel with 42 rooms and offices, shops, kindergarten and 55 apartments too. Further the building received this name because of the large number of trees that grow in the yard and on the roof and floor as well. If you too want to have a look of these amazing architectural beauties you can visit for best deals.

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