Best Places in Mumbai to Eat Ramadan Food

The city of dreams Mumbai is a melting pot of different beautiful cultures. It is known for celebrating every festival with absolute fervor, enthusiasm and carnival and never fails to impress anyone. Ramadan has already approached and fasting through the entire day may be really challenging for the persons keeping fasts. But one keeps moving though out the day in the eager wait of the evening when they can savor some delicacies and satiate their appetite. Ramadan is that occasion when Mumbai hosts a demonstration of various culinary skills. Its streets are dotted with some amazing places serving the yummiest non-vegetarian delicacies and a lot more for the food lovers. Know about the best places in Mumbai to enjoy delicious food during Ramadan.


Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

Located in Grant Road of Mumbai, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar is a not to be missed destination if you are looking for delicious Ramadan special dishes. There is no way you can avoid visiting this place. One of their most preferred dishes to be served here is Haleem. Delicious biryani is also served here that makes this place a must visit destination during Ramadan.

seekh kawab

Al Madina Fast Food

Al Madina fast food corner begins a gala feast like atmosphere on Mohammad Ali Road during Ramadan. Located down the JJ Flyover in South Mumbai, the place is the Mecca for delicious Ramadan food. This is the place where you can enjoy the best Ramadan food in wide options.  After having fasting of an entire day, this place becomes full of people post sunset. People come to this place in great numbers and enjoy the delicious food served here. A choice of food is available to make it easier for you to come to the place during this occasion. The place is the best recognized for its seekh kebabs.

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Bade Miyan

Located in Colaba of Mumbai, this place needs no introduction. This food joint in Mumbai holds the same position that Kareem holds in Delhi. Bade Miyan is loaded with a huge number of visitors all through the year. However, during Ramadan, the crowd at this place increases to a great extent. The crowd is so much that they install another stall close to the Minara Mosque. Bade Miyan is one of the most visited places for eating in Ramadan in Mumbai and enjoy their scrumptious biryani.

chiken roll

Marhaba Fast Food

Located opposite to Minara Mosque, Marhaba Fast Food is a hidden gem in Mumbai, but serves mouthwatering food to relish during Ramadan. The place serves awesome Baida roti and their chicken roll is worth relishing. Have you tried Marhaba’s rolls yet? It is the best time to do so.


Shalimar Food Corner

Located in Bhindi Bazaar, Shalimar is truly your destination if you are an authentic shawarma lover. The place surely excites the visitors with its delicious food. It is primarily famous for shawarmas. But its Malpua and Rabdi are also amazing in taste. These items are only prepared during the holy month of Ramadan and the taste of this can’t be better if you eat these after a day long fast.


JJ Jalebi

Located on MS Ali Road near JJ Hospital, J J Jalebi serves hot and juicy jalebis that are awesome in taste. You can try here crispy and fried Jalebis that are dipped in sugary syrup prepared with the utter perfection. It is a must visit place in Ramadan and among one of the oldest and most excellent sweet shops of the city.

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On the Grant Road of Mumbai, Delhi-Zaika is a wonderful place to enjoy delicious food and still not giving much pressure on your pockets. It is an ideal place to try out variety of non-vegetarian food. If you love Mughlai food, this place specializes in this segment. One can try here awesome Ramadan food at pocket-friendly rates.

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Barah Handi

In CST area of Mumbai, Barah Handi is an awesome place to satisfy your craving for lip smacking and rich North Indian and Mughlai food. During Ramadan, this place turns into a stopover for gala celebration and enjoys a wide variety of non-vegetarian delicacies cooked using aromatic Indian spices.


Suleman Mithaiwala

Are you a sweet tooth? This is an awesome place to enjoy relishing Malpua. Located in Mumba Devi area of Mumbai, they prepare a wide range of delectable sweets and uphold better quality standard and taste. Suleman serves the best sweets in the city and it turns into a perfect stopover for the sweet-tooth. 

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