Best Places to Visit When in Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful island nation that is located in the Western Pacific region. This region boasts one of the longest combined coastlines in the world due to the seven thousand tropical islands of this nation. These scattered islands boast of beautiful coral reefs and impressive diving, wildlife including sharks, whale and dugongs along with rocky tropical rainforests. Filipino (local name of people of the Philippines) people are very welcoming, smiling, generous and warm. The interisland travel is quite easy to find by plane, train, car, or ferry. If you are planning a trip to the Philippines, then read on to this write-up and get to know about the best places to visit when in here.manila philippines


Manila is an Asian megacity as well as the capital of the Philippines. This place is the fly-in point for many tourists and a full of life opportunity to welcome bounds of culture whether they are old or new. Right from soaring gleaming buildings on the skyscraper gazing tour of the century landmarks on the self-guided downtown tour, there is very much to see in Manila. Right from the street cart to high cuisine restaurant, the food is excellent and diverse, representing the blend of indigenous, Spanish and Chinese heritages which have found their way to this amazing island nation.Palawan philippines


The first of the best place to visit in the Philippines, Palawan is an island province that extends from Mindoro to Borneo between Sulu seas and the South China. Puerto Princesa is the provincial capital of Palawan, which is located close to large karst formations with an underground river. Coron Reefs on Busuanga Island is a famous dive spot. Another famous destination here is El Nido, which is a town located between the beautiful Bacuit Bay and towering limestone karst cliffs.Boracay Philippines


Endless white sand beaches, beautiful resorts and colorful outrigger sailboat rides simply describe this place. The most populous area of Boracay is the central part of White Beach that has the most opportunities for food, shopping, adventure and public merriment. If you wish to stay in private than the remote options are available, however they come with reduced amenities. Boarding and lodging ranges from budget shacks to world class full-service resorts, but romantic ambiance, the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are just available to all kinds of tourists. Visit and get exclusive holiday packages at best available rates.Mindoro philippines


Mindoro is an island which consists of two different regions, Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental, which are separated from one another by a high mountain range. The north of the region is majorly remote and home to the ancient Mangayan tribe. A trip to this place is worth paying for divers, perhaps, as the town of Sablayan is the doorway to the island of Pangan and the famous APO Reef Marine Natural Park. Prior reservations are highly recommended as there is only one resort on this island. On the other hand, in Mindoro Oriental, the major tourism location is the town of Puerto Galera. It is the ideal beach town with white sand beaches for the water lovers and various resorts, as well as jeep trips, kayaking rivers, orchid-filled rainforests and waterfalls for the trekking lovers.

Apart from these, Cebu, Tagaytay, Donsol, Bohol and Vigan are some of the other best places to visit in the Philippines.

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