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Must Visit Places When in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small European country that sits smack pat in the middle of the mighty Alps, making a 360-degree picturesque scenery wherever a person finds themselves. There are a large number of lakes that add to the picture postcard look of this beautiful country. Apart from the picturesque beauty, this country is famous for delectable swiss chocolate, delicious Cheese, co-co clocks and political neutrality. The stunning country has few exclusive features, making it one-of-its kinds in its own way,

Beautiful Islands of Italy

The beautiful country of Italy has over 80 spectacular islands in its border. One can come here and explore any one of them and enjoy their holidays. Right from the beautiful Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily to the 17 islands that make up the Venice city, the islands of Italy are as diverse in landscape, climate and culture as the nation’s mainland. Whether you are seeking this beautiful country’s rich past or looking for a scenic beach with

Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Erstwhile the seat of Viking raiders, Denmark retains very much of a maritime nation. This European country is encircled by the North and the Baltic Sea. Not any place in the country is over an hour drive from its seashore. Much of its seashore is lined with scenic sandy beaches. Visitors come here to explore the homeland of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen or the storybook castles. On the other hand, foodies love to visit Copenhagen, while some visits

Best Destinations to Enjoy Christmas Around the World

Christmas is synonym of excitement and amusement and enjoys galore of celebration. It is celebrated with full fervor by people. Some celebrate the festival at home with family and friends, while some love to holiday with family and explore different destinations. In this write-up, you will get an insight on how people in different parts of the world celebrate this blissful festival in their own unique ways. While enjoying icy cold winters, Christmas holiday season comes on your way with

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