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Best Places in Mumbai to Eat Ramadan Food

The city of dreams Mumbai is a melting pot of different beautiful cultures. It is known for celebrating every festival with absolute fervor, enthusiasm and carnival and never fails to impress anyone. Ramadan has already approached and fasting through the entire day may be really challenging for the persons keeping fasts. But one keeps moving though out the day in the eager wait of the evening when they can savor some delicacies and satiate their appetite. Ramadan is that occasion

Tea cafe’s in Delhi you should absolutely explore

There are majority of people in India who considers ‘tea’ as the major source of energy, be it the morning or the evening break. Moreover it has been well said that there is nothing that cannot be fixed by Chai. Unlike fancy coffee shops which earlier used to be patronized by the young, tea cafés attract people of all ages who look for the silence and ease. So next time you crave for it, simply remember to walk towards these

A Dessert Journey of Various Indian States

Among several specialties of our country, Indian cuisines are another great delight of the tourism of India. It ensures a mouthwatering culinary journey to the visitors. Every corner of India offers a special food habit and one gets to try out different kind of dishes. People of India usually are sweet tooth. So, there is no surprise as the country has to offer so much to its guests and people. Sweet dishes are the specialty of India and one can

Top 5 Highest Hotels in the World


In the recent times, the urban architecture has taken a strong hold on infrastructure and given formation to some iconic architectural marvels all across the world. One of the most popular forms amongst them are the hotels, which shows or we can say portrays a country’s architectural wealth and architects’ magnificent imaginations. In fact, all across the world you will find some iconic hotels. If you are curious to know about some tallest luxury hotels in the world, then read