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Top 10 Most Beautiful Religious Attractions in the World

The whole world is full of people with different religious believe. There are many religious places on planet that fascinates tourists not only due to their spiritual significance but with their extraordinary architectures as well. Expert architects and designers have made all their efforts in not just beautifying these structures but also honoring the deities of these religious places. These spiritual attractions are comprised of super-modern temples, mountaintop monasteries, amazing mosques and incredible churches. Explore these beautiful religious places of

Some Amazing Movies on Magnificent Himalayas

Almost everyone in this world is aware of the alluring beauty of grand Himalayas and we all have at some point of time dream about exploring the beauty of Himalayas and we can do this at anytime whenever we wish too. There are lots of movies as well in which Himalayas are the major topic and are based on Himalayan expeditions. Below is the list of movies which are based on the grand Himalayas. You too can plan tour towards

Places to See Blossom of Flowers across the World

All through the year, there is a floral region in the world that is waiting to blossom. Flowers have an unmatched appeal, expression and immaculate beauty that can’t be found in anything else. There are several regions in the world that are very much popular for the extensive bloom of beautiful flowers. It is really worth to pay a visit to the places where these natural wonders can be explored. These are the most stunning places in the world where

Top 7 Places to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Mostly people in India are dessert lovers and are the proud owners of the sweet tooth. Especially in India people don’t search for a reason or occasion to have dessert. Below is the cherry picked list which the hardcore lovers of desserts can visit to satisfy the taste buds. Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi Wale in Delhi If you want something freezing and tempting that this place appropriately fits in your choice. This famous outlet is located in Old Delhi and serves

Amazing Places to Visit in Norway

Right from its mighty mountains and popular fjords to its modern yet scenic cities, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can capture picture-perfect landscapes that can be discovered by foot, bike, car or boat. Whether you are planning to take in the breathtaking wonder of the northern lights or the summer sun radiant, Norway is an amazing adventurous place for you in any season. Norway is a nation with a rich and storied past

Beautiful Beaches of Greece

Renowned for its beautiful beaches, Greece remains crowded with beach lovers from all around the world. The beaches can be in various parts of the Greek coast, including both the many gorgeous Greek islands and its mainland. Every beach provides something unique to every traveler coming his or her way onto the shore. Whether you visit one or all of the beaches in Greece, visitors will certainly have something special to hold in their memories for years to come. So,

Most Popular Diving Spots in the World

Underwater diving is a fun and exotic water sport. Also, it gives you an excellent chance to checkout some incredible tropical destinations all across the world. Any beginner or expert diver can try this sport and get fascinated by capturing the amazing underwater world. Every experienced diver might have his or hers own list of favorite diving spots. Amongst them, some are just amazing. In the following write-up, we have listed some of the best as well as most popular

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