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Visit Some Unusual Structures of the World

One can’t deny the fact that this world is full of masterpieces and non-traditional architectures. Many architects have created countless man-made structures and large buildings that not only amaze the visitors, but also have gone beyond the boundaries of nature. There are numerous incredible buildings in the world that are known for their far-out shapes, awe-inspiring designs, and unique styles. We have compiled some of the most remarkable structures in the world you love to visit. Visit for best

Travel Trail of King of Fruits-Mango & its Varieties!

Summer is here and so is the rising temperature that is increasing day by day. In scorching heat, everyone prefers to sit indoors in the cool and comfortable surroundings and eagerly look forward to the season to end. You may say that the summer is the worst season of all but you cannot deny the fact that it is the time when you get to taste ‘the King of Fruits, Mangoes’! In fact, indulging in the delicious taste of this

Incredible Places to Visit in Brazil

Renowned for being home to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the outstanding Iguazu Falls and one of the top football teams in the world, Brazil is an exhilarating country in the world and an amazing travel destination. It is the largest country in South America and thus, covers a large area of the continent’s north-eastern region as well as borders all of its countries except the Ecuador and Chile. Right from the beautiful tropical beaches along the Atlantic to the

Why Kabini is a Must Visit Destination of Karnataka?

Kabini is the land of wildlife experiences. It features elephants, dense forests and a calm river. The place is endowed with splendid streams, plenty of flora, fauna and avifauna. Wildlife sanctuaries in Kabini define the place beautifully and are naturally made vibrant with sweet chirpings of birds, sounds of animals and gushing waters. Kabini wildlife sanctuary previously used to be the hunting lodge of the Maharajas of Mysore. At present, it has emerged as a weekend getaway for many visitors

Best Places to Visit When in Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful island nation that is located in the Western Pacific region. This region boasts one of the longest combined coastlines in the world due to the seven thousand tropical islands of this nation. These scattered islands boast of beautiful coral reefs and impressive diving, wildlife including sharks, whale and dugongs along with rocky tropical rainforests. Filipino (local name of people of the Philippines) people are very welcoming, smiling, generous and warm. The interisland travel is quite

Must Visit Tourist Attractions When in Scotland

Scotland is a land of great legends with a complex history and some of the world’s most lush scenery that calls out to the adventurous nature within us. Visiting this country is an experience in itself as it is the place that inspired the epic movie “Braveheart”. This small yet beautiful country offers something for everyone. It is so much mystic that leaves an impression on a visitor’s mind. If you are planning to visit this amazingly stunning country and

Popular Buddhist Temples in Asia

Buddhism is a famous world religion and philosophy that is believed to be founded in northeastern India in the 5th century BC. This region is founded on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautam, worldwide known as “The Buddha”. Siddhartha Gautam is believed to be born Lumbini, which is today located in Nepal. This holy religion of Buddhism takes as its goal to escape from suffering and from the cycle of rebirth: ‘the attainment of nirvana’. Around the world, there are over

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