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Visit These Museums to Discover the Heritage of Turkey

Turkey is home to some of the most spectacular archaeological sites. It is an ideal tourist destination that appeals the travelers with its several tourist attractions. One can explore here a number of historical places that display the beautiful history of the region. With unrivaled works of art and remains of different empires and communities that have left their impression in Turkey, the land welcomes a number of modern visitors. It also features a number of museums that display different

Turkey – A Destination of Cultural & Heritage Treasures


A hot melting point of many cultures, Turkey is an amazing holiday destination. At first, the Hittites settled here, then the Greeks invaded, which made the Romans come, explore the place and do some conquering of their own kind. Whereas, the Christianity came and spread with the missionaries whom arrived and set up shop here. At the end, the Ottomans took over the country and finally made it an Islamic nation. However, each of the civilization left an ineradicable mark