Easy Tips on Booking Air Tickets

In today’s time, booking air tickets is just a click easy task. Gone are the days when you had to rush to travel agencies or call your travel agent to book air tickets for your air travel plan. Now, you can book tickets online with so many airlines and discounts available at different online travel portals. The airfare change all the time and the best seats gets booked even before you know it at the last moment, but by following some smart and easy tips you can book your favorable tickets at the most desirable prices. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some smart and easy tips which can help you save money and time on booking air tickets.

Book Tickets on a Tuesday

Most air travelers have observed that the airlines offer their tickets on sale on Tuesdays, which means that the same ticket bought on Monday may be considerably lower the next day. Correspondingly, those lower rate tickets on Tuesday might go up by Thursday or higher at the weekend. So, it is an advice that you should never book a ticket on weekend days like, Saturdays, Sundays or even Friday! travel tips

Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday

After booking, the next thing comes to mind is the best days. Well, like the booking days, the ideal days to fly are, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday and you pay less for your flight than on Friday or Sunday, which are the highly paid as well as demanded days for traveling. Moreover, if you can, try to fly out in the morning on these days, as those flights are generally cheaper than flights in the latter day.

Book Early, But Not Too Early

Many travelers advice you to book your tickets early as the airfare is lower. In fact, if you want to save money, then airlines offer their lowest discounted rates 21 days before the scheduled flight time. But, here is a condition with them that these prices might not be available a week prior to the light. Therefore, the traveler should plan his / her purchase of air tickets accordingly. One can get the best prices three months out during International and peak travel time tickets.EasemyTrip

Survey on Online Travel Portals

Before making a purchase or booking an air ticket, one thing you must do is surveying of airfares on different travel portals. Amongst all, EaseMyTrip.com is a leading portal which not only offers but guarantee cheapest air tickets. Comparing between different travel portals would not only give you an idea of amount of tickets, but also gives you a satisfaction of making an informed decision. Otherwise, you can also directly contact the airlines to check if there are offering any special deals or not. So, these were some short trips, however, to make your holiday or air travel good, you should always plan in advance.

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