Explore 5 Most Dangerous Sports around the World

Sports are one of the most integral parts of vacations. It not only makes your body exercise but the mind as well. These are ultimate way of entertainment for the viewers and participants. One comes across different types of sports in the world. Some of which are played indoors while others need open space to be enjoyed completely. Many of these sports are relaxing and some are challenging. Challenging sports always come up with some risk and level of danger varies from sports to sports. Through this article, explore the most dangerous sports of the world.

base jumping

BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is basically nothing but parachuting and the BASE part can be anything, including a building, cliff or projection. From any of such fixed structures, individuals launch themselves to enjoy this activity. It may very exciting to speed through the wind but it is really dangerous and unsafe. Along with the evident risk of jumping from 100 feet above, there is possibility of being spanked by the wind. In many of the countries, this sport is illegal. In the US, one can go for this sport at organized events only.

big wave surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing is an exclusive way of surfing. These waves are not big but outrageously big. The size of these waves are about 20 feet high or more. While indulging into this activity, you will feel like being pulled by intense water currents. If you are able to ride the waves up to 100 feet, you are the winner and will be rewarded. However, participants have the risk of sinking into the high velocity currents or might being hurt with the rocks in the water.

heli skiing


As the name suggests, Heli-Skiing has something to do with helicopters. It is off-trail downhill snowboarding, which is accessed by a helicopter. Ardent patrons of this sport are often seen to book a year in advance to enjoy this activity and dive onto snow on peaks. The fact that is completely ignored is the possibility of being stuck due to weather change or facing any type of landslide. These helicopter rides are really risky.

white water rafting

White Water Rafting

This fun game is really wonderful to watch but it is really dangerous for the participants. Contestants of this sport have to navigate their way through tough white atop with the risks of getting tossed or smashed by solid hard rocks. They can be entrapped by foot entrapments between the rocks and there is possibility of fatal accidents during this game. In India, Rishikesh is a place is place to enjoy this activity. However, the risk of the accidents can’t be also denied here.

cave diving

Cave Diving

Cave diving is a very unique kind of sport, which engages underwater diving in the caves with at least limited water content. It uses the usual scuba equipment in particular configurations along with varied collection of equipment as per the situations. The greatest risk of this sport is that there may be lighting failure and low visibility. This can take you apart from your partner. Another peril is air loss since one can’t just go up to the surface for air else his head may be smashed.

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