Exploring the Majestic Forts of Maharashtra

All thanks to the large industrial sector, Maharashtra is often coined as the Financial Capital of India. The state is also home to Bollywood, which is known to offer variety of movies every week. In fact, travelers or tourists coming to Maharashtra are spoilt for choice because there are many places for them to explore. It is a major tourist hotspot and has travelers coming here around the year for many reasons right from the modern movies location, infrastructure or magnificent historic monuments. There are many old forts, which were built by the kings to protect their region and to ward off enemies. At present, these forts stand still to narrate stories of the past and to remind visitors of the power struggles which might have took place here. If you are planning a Maharashtra visit then do try to explore its majestic forts listed below.

Ahmednagar Fort

Located in the town of Ahmednagar, the old Ahmednagar Fort is one of the major forts in Maharashtra. This gigantic fort was constructed by Ahmed Nizam Shah in the mid 15th century. The fort has also served as prison for the prisoners of war. It was later used by the British to imprison several revolutionary leaders as well. Tourists coming here can visit the prisons where once our leaders were held captive.

Gavilgarh Fort

Another olden fort in the state of Maharashtra is the Gavilgarh Fort. This fort is believed to have been constructed around 300 years ago. The fort was built by Ahmad Shah Wali to enhance the defense system of the region. The fort used to have a mosque and eight water tanks. At present, tourists visiting the fort can see two of the tanks that are still in working condition. While visiting this fort, you can admire the intricate carvings of various animals on its walls.

Panhala Fort

The Panhala Fort is renowned as the most wonderful fort in the Deccan region of India. This magnificent fort was built by Raja Bhoj in the 12th century. It was constructed as a defense against enemy attacks on the kingdom. Tourists coming here, can enter in the fort through its well established double wall protection. A trip to Panhala fort will surely take you back in time and leave you mesmerized by its regal realm.

Udgir Fort

It is another ancient fort in the state of Maharashtra, which was built by the Maratha kings to protect their lands from the attacks of the Nizams. Udgir fort is truly a traveler’s paradise as it has many attractions here that include the throne room of the king, situated 60 feet underground along with various logs that dates back to centuries. In addition to this, a deep moat that bounds the fort making sure enemy soldiers can’t get across easily is another famous attraction of the fort.

Apart from these, Karnala Fort (situated within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in the Raigad district), Naldurg Fort and Bassein Fort are other forts of the state.

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