Famous Tourist Attractions of Melbourne

The capital city of the state of Victoria, Melbourne is the second most densely inhabited city in Australia. This beautiful city is known for being a leading financial centre in Australia. Adding to its uniqueness, the city has the privilege of being the home to the world’s largest tram network. Moreover, an international centre for performing and visual arts, Melbourne is often called as “the Cultural Capital of Australia”. In total, Melbourne is one of the major tourist destinations in Australia that attracts a huge of tourists because of its creative, ever-changing and exciting surprises at every nook and corner. It is a cosmopolitan city that is often coined as “Style Setter”.melbourne australia

Melbourne is absolutely vibrant with full of life activities and more often than not, one can see remarkable exhibitions, musical extravaganzas, lively festivals, etc., which are truly the soul of this city’s enthralling entertainment factor. Besides entertainment, the city is renowned for the scrumptious food palate and offers some of the finest food and wines. If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, then explore several offers on various online travel portals and choose the most suitable deal for you. However, in the following write-up we have mentioned some of the popular tourist attractions which you must pay a visit to.

Be Amused at Amusement Parks

Whether you are an adult or a kid, the amusement parks brings a luring power of spending the whole day there. The amazing roller-coaster rides there can actually help you in getting refreshed by taking off all your tensions by screaming your head off at the thrill with an adrenaline rush and at the same time, enjoy yourself to the haft. Some of the popular amusement parks of Melbourne are, Waves Leisure Centre, Waterworld, Luna Park, etc. that offer adventurous and exotic rides to make your holiday memorable!

Explore the History in Museums

The museums present in Melbourne are unrivaled in terms of the collection of artifacts and their maintenance. Whether it is a museum dedicated to sports, cameras, thoroughbred racing or underwater life, Melbourne has many interesting museums that will surely fascinate you. However, some of the popular museums which you must pay a visit to while in here are the Chinese Museum, Immigration Museum, City Museum at Old Treasury, Scienceworks, etc. Moreover, don’t miss a visit to the Melbourne Museum, which is the largest museum in Australia and has 9 major exhibition areas including the mind and body gallery, indoor rainforest, dinosaur exhibits, butterfly collection and insect etc.

Discovering the Wildlife

The city of Melbourne has several wildlife preserves with the Melbourne Zoo that has a number of animals which can be seen by visitors safely in their natural habitat. Also, be sure to visit the ultra-modern Melbourne aquarium that features a Barrier Reef exhibit and also, enjoy a stroll through a tank that has sharks! To explore more of on land, wildlife, you may visit the national parks around Melbourne such as Little Desert National Park, Brisbane Ranges National Park, Alpine National Park, Lower Glenelg National Park etc. where you can observe the pictorial views of nature and a wide range of animals in their natural habitat.

Apart from all that, Melbourne is a paradise for shoppers with having exclusive shopping places such as Eastland Shopping Center, Southbank, Queen Victoria Markets, etc. where you can get almost everything, ranging from jewelry, clothes, arts & crafts, branded stuff to souvenirs as well. So, when are you planning a tour to Melbourne? Explore various online portals like EaseMyTrip.com and book cheapest flights to Melbourne.

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