How EaseMyTrip Provides Cheap Air Tickets than Other OTA?

Established with a single idea to provide competitive air ticket pricing and unique travel solutions, is one of the most dependable names in the travel industry of India. In 6 years of its existence, the business of this company is thriving. It challenges to book cheapest air tickets and that makes people wondering that it must be charged any hidden commissions and making money. However, this is not the reality.air flight

If you consult any travel professional/expert from our company, you will come to know about the several things about flight booking. First of all, we make clear EaseMyTrip doesn’t charge its customers for any of the services. Our payment essentially comes through service providers, including, hotels & airlines. It means if you are one of our customers, you can’t simply be tapped for any expensive services. It also means using our services is not going to be more expensive than booking it from any other travel agents. In fact, our experts are well-versed to find out the best deals for you.  flight booking

The unique selling proposition of is ‘Cheaper than Cheapest’ as it doesn’t charge any hidden/convenience charge on the payment gateway. It has great contacts with all major domestic and international airlines and this is the reason, our customers get the best deals on flights with us.airplane travel

Why booking flights from EaseMyTrip is so reasonable?

Flying to any place not so expensive due to the low cost airlines listed at These airlines provide such great deals to the passengers that their longing for traveling by flights is left just a click away.

These airlines are inexpensive due to several reasons including

  • Similar type of fleets & buying of aircrafts in bulk

  • These airlines simply have compulsory features and arrive at secondary airports to save taxes

  • These airlines has more frequent flights & sell tickets online through no call centers or agents

  • Web check-in is available (fewer desks) & for extra baggage, adequate charges are taken

  • These airlines have multi-tasking staff and not having jet-ways

  • They buy fuel in advance when cheaper

  • They have direct flights and stay for not so long on the ground

  • Carry little extra fuel and have route planning in advance

Airplane bookingIt is actually tough to articulate that how much exactly a traveler can save with us, as it depends on different airlines and the available space on it, however, experts of EaseMyTrip keep informing its customers about the special fares, heavy discounts and other exclusive offers through emails and calls. Providing a convenience to book flight tickets online, has become a preferred choice of millions of travelers today that offers really reasonable price.

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