Italy – A Land of Art, Traditional Edifices & Picturesque Beauty

Italy is a beautiful country in the Europe continent. This country is studded with an astounding piece of art, cathedrals, traditional edifices, incredible and unique picturesque beauty of multicolored and vibrant style fascinates one and all. In fact, it has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites across the planet. This country comprises of the most incredible cities including Rome, Florence and Venice, which allures travelers from all corners of the world for many decades. Italy with a remarkable historical importance dwells on the artistic success. Although, Italy is popular for the historical reasons, but it does not lack behind as much as the fashion is concerned. Milan is the economic center of the country and come up with the biggest and the modern trade fair as well as plans to have a chief residential expansion called as ‘the City Life compound’. Venice is another charming rather called as the most romantic city of the world that has not changed at all in the past and has come up a glossy latest bridge placed on the Grand Canal with a stunning modern art place on the Punta Della Dogana. In short, Italy is an astonishing land of sea, sunshine and Rocky Mountains with a few of the most attractive and vibrant towns as well as tourist attractions. Visit for Italy tour package and get the best deal guaranteed.

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Places of Attraction Italy

Italy with exceptionally fine-looking backdrop, art galleries, nonpareil art and buildings, museums and extraordinary restaurants have a variety of attractions that allures travelers from all over the world. Few of the places of attractions of this country include St. Peters Square, Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica, the leaning tower of Pisa, Dolomite Mountains, Mt. Etna, Islands of Venice, Rome, Costa Smeralda, Vatican City and Dommo, the famous fashion street in Milan etc.Cuisines in Italy

Cuisines in Italy

Another unique feature of Italy is its cuisine that attracts the tourist from all across the world. The rich and scrumptious taste of Italian Cuisine will surely make you crazy about it. The chief dishes of Italian Cuisine that are world famous are different kind of pastas, soups, risottos, pizzas, lasagnas that are an absolute delight. In addition, some of the most popular wines are found in the Piemonte and Tuscany, while the Umbrian wines are gaining popularity in the recent in italy

Shopping in Italy

Italy is popular around the world as the shoppers’ haven and a range of famous brands are found here. Shopping in Italy is absolutely a fun experience with the massive fashion stores and malls endorsing the latest fashion preference accessible in Italy at all the time. Few of the most famous fashion houses of Italy are Gucci, Armani Factory outlet, Prada, Antinea, Valentino, Via del corallo, Fillipo Alpi Via dei Banchi Nuovi, Jill Sander, Via Giulia, Emporio etc. Italy has a range of wonderful stores for stylish shopping to all the travelers coming to Italy. Moreover, internationally praised for the stylish goods, window shopping in the markets of Italy is also a great fun experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a tour to Italy and explore this charming country!

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