Make Your Way to These Places in Delhi on Independence Day

Delhi is the capital city of India and the seat of the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of the Government of India. The city not only boasts of diverse cultures, religions and different types of languages but a series of historical events that it has witnessed. The city is also famous due to its wonderful festivals especially the national occasions, like Independence Day and Republic Day. Independence Day in Delhi is celebrated by flying kites, as a symbol of Freedom and the celebration takes place at The Red Fort.15th august celebration

In year 2015, Independence Day is falling on Saturday. So, it is good news for the people just having Sundays as their weekend. However, those with Saturday-Sunday off must be disappointed. No matter, when it does fall, Independence Day is an important celebration as we are sentimentally attached with this day. The cultural hotspot of Delhi features many places that you can visit on this 15th August if have no plans to go out of the city. There are many places of historical importance in Delhi that you can try to explore.

India Gate:15 august celebration at india gate

India Gate is one of the most admired monuments in Delhi that can be visited on this occasion. It was was built in 1932 to honor the Indian Army. This 42 meters tall monument attracts a number of local and foreign tourists on weekends and other occasions. 15th August is an important day to go to this place and spend some quality near this monument.

Raj Ghat:15 august celebration at raj ghat

Our freedom is the result of the struggles and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. If we may give credit to one person for our independence, it would be definitely Mahatma Gandhi. Visit Raj Ghat to pay homage to the Father of Our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, who has struggled throughout for our freedom. This visit will let you remembering all the stories that you have heard about this great leader and whatever he had done to give us this priceless freedom.

Red Fort:15th aug at red fort

Red Fort is the place where our first Prime Minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addressed whole country through his first Independence Day speech on 15th August, 1947. This grand monument has been witness of the struggles of our freedom. Freedom fighters had used this place as one of the key centers for their first war of freedom in 1857. At present, it is still an important place as the Prime Minister delivers his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of this imposing fort on every 15th August.

Old Fort: old fort delhi light and sound show

Also called as ‘Purana Quila’, Old Fort is an important historical attraction of the country’s capital. Standing amidst wild greenery, Old Fort is a roughly rectangular shape fort located close to Pragati Maidan. The huge structure is constructed skillfully and solid walls crowned by merlons have three gateways provided with citadel on either side. You can visit this place on Independence Day to watch a beautiful light and sound show ‘Ishq-E-Dilli’. It is a wonderful show that will take you to the historical walks of the capital city and make you feel awed with different stories.

There are many other places to visit in Delhi that can be explored on this Independence Day. So, make up your mind and get set for a special celebration on 15th August, 2015.

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