Must Visit Places When You Are in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has been a melting pot of ethnic cultures, but it is also a blend of various cuisines, customs and religions, all co-existing in harmony. Right from large island groups to fertile highlands, mountains and tropical rainforest, the geography of this country is diverse in every bit. Malaysia is a unique country which is divided into two major landmasses. West Malaysia occupies the southern half of a peninsula shared with Thailand, on the other hand across the South China Sea is East Malaysia that is situated on the Borneo Island. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia then this overview of the must visit, places to visit in Malaysia concentrates on its historic, cultural and natural attractions. Leaf through this write-up and explore more!Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park is popular for its incredible limestone karst formations and exceptional cave systems. It is one of the most awe-inspiring natural attractions in all of South-east Asia. Situated in Malaysian Borneo in the Sarawak State, this national park has some of the longest and the largest cave systems in the world. Here, you will find the world’s largest cave chamber, “the Sarawak Chamber”, which is anticipated large enough to hold 40 Boeing 747 aircraft.langkawi tour


Situated off the north-western coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea, Langkawi is a beautiful archipelago of 99 islands boasting picturesque beaches, rainforest, mangroves and forest-clad mountains. In late years, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other tourist facilities have flourished in Langkawi offering its visitors the opportunity to explore the exceptional beauty of this archipelago.kuala lumpur tour

Kuala Lumpur

Before 200 years ago, Kuala Lumpur was a calm tin-mining town in West Malaysia. Today, this same sleepy town has flourished in the federal capital and the largest metropolis city of Malaysia. Usually called as ‘KL’ by locals, this stunning city is a cultural melting pot, noted for its remarkable skyscrapers and lively scenes of shopping, fine dining and vibrant nightlife.Taman Negara

Taman Negara

Surrounding three states across the northern part of West Malaysia, Taman Negara is supposed to be the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. It is a famous eco-tourism and adventure destination, this national park is crowded with wildlife from rare plants to exotic birds and sparse animals such as Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Malayan Tiger, and Asian elephant. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and book any holiday package of your choice at cheapest rates.Penang Bridge Malaysia


Situated in the Strait of Malacca off West Malaysia’s northwestern coast, Penang Island is a famous tourist destination because of its rich culinary diversity and famous George Town. The location of this place makes one of the most traveled shipping routes in the world. Therefore, you can witness a colorful array of cultures, cuisine and architecture of this one place.melaka malaysia


Melaka holds a commanding important position on the busy sea route between India and China on West Malaysia’s southwestern coast. Melaka was battled and ruled over for centuries between Indian, British, Portuguese and Dutch governments. As a result, this modern Malaysian city is listed as one of the best places to visit in Malaysia packed with amazing architecture, culture, traditions and cuisine which all reflect its rich heritage.

Apart from these, the Kota Bharu, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Cameron Highlands are some of the other famous places that you must visit when you are in Malaysia.

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