Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Denmark

attraction of denmarkErstwhile the seat of Viking raiders, Denmark retains very much of a maritime nation. This European country is encircled by the North and the Baltic Sea. Not any place in the country is over an hour drive from its seashore. Much of its seashore is lined with scenic sandy beaches. Visitors come here to explore the homeland of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen or the storybook castles. On the other hand, foodies love to visit Copenhagen, while some visits this place to admire the design. However, there are many tourist destinations are waiting to explore. If you are planning a visit to Denmark, then, read on to this write-up and know about the most popular tourist attractions of this beautiful country.tivoli garden in denmark

Tivoli Gardens

Established in the year 1843, Tivoli Gardens are one of the renowned tourist attractions in Europe. These pleasure gardens were all the rage at the time and Copenhagen’s version was mainly lovely. In addition, of providing a place to see gorgeous blooms, the gardens also became a significant social center and a creative outlet for various performing troupes. Today, tourists and local people visit this garden for the same purpose, as well as for the abundant amusement rides, shops, games and restaurants. This site also hosts various seasonal festivals which usually draw a huge of crowds.Bornholm Denmark


Bornholm is a beautiful Danish island located in the Baltic Sea. The island is also renowned for its fishing and arts & crafts industry. This picturesque island lies closer to the shores of Poland, Germany and Sweden than Denmark that gives it a unique appeal. Bornholm makes an excellent escape away from the bustle of the larger cities and the southern beaches are mainly popular. Tourists coming here can explore the third largest forest in Denmark- the Almindingen. Another famous attraction is the village of Svaneke with its delightfully preserved ancient abundant art galleries and buildings.Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle

Many of the tourists are more familiar with Kronborg Castle at Elsinore, the name which great writer William Shakespeare bestowed upon it in his play ‘Hamlet’. This castle has long been considered an important example of a Renaissance castle. Its construction began in the year 1574 on a stretch of land on the sound, the body of water, which forms a border between Denmark and Sweden. For centuries, this castle protected the Danish people as well as hosted the grand affairs of state dignitaries. But, today it is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark. A major highlight of this castle is the guided tour called In “Halmlet’s Footsteps”.tivoli gardens denmark

Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund is a special attraction for the kids. However, adults will also find something to enjoy at this amazing amusement park as well. This mini land exhibits interesting of many world famous buildings and places that are built up of over 50 million LEGO bricks. LEGOREDO Town allures its guests with a Wild West sense of adventure on the other hand, the Knights’ Kingdom sets the scene for fairy tale exploration. Few sections of Legoland are dedicated mainly to the little ones.

Apart from these, Den Gamle By, Little Mermaid, Skagen Beaches, Frederiksborg Palace, Vikingeskibsmuseet and Oresund Bridge are some of the other famous tourist attractions in Denmark.

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