Popular Museums of Sydney

Beautifully located on south-east coast on the Tasman Sea, Sydney is the colorful state capital of the New South Wales, in Australia. Being located in coastal region, this state is blessed with sparkling harbor, sun-kissed beaches and pleasant climate, while the vibrant nightlife, friendly people and vibrant cities to live in comes as perks with it. If you are planning a visit to this charming state, then checkout the cheapest international flight booking deals on several travel portals and book the most suitable one. Beside the superb architectures and underneath history, this stunning state represents great cultural wealth in the form of exclusive collection of museums and galleries. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the most popular museums and art galleries of this state.


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Museum of Sydney

Designed by Richard Johnson of Denton Corker Marshall, amongst state’s best known architects, the Museum of Sydney is built on the significant site of the first Government House (which was first built for Governor Philip in the year 1788). This museum consists of several layers of glorious history in one place which takes its onlooker to an exotic journey through the colonial and contemporary Sydney, its people, cultures and places through different times. The archeological ruins of the colony’s first Government House and the award-winning sculpture ‘Edge of the Trees’ are few of the iconic possessions of this magnificent museum.

Australian Museum

Said to be the oldest museum of Australia, the Australia Museum was established in the year 1827. This huge museum possesses a big collection of Australia’s most important animal, fossil, mineral, and anthropological collections on exhibit. Beside the collections, the Australian Museum conducts modern research into Australia’s environment and native cultures. This wide-ranging museum is categorized into several sections related to objects from the Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia, and the America. Apart from these collections of Aboriginal objects, “Exploring Australia”, “More Than Insects Exhibition” and “Dinosaur Exhibition”, are a few exotic exhibits conducted in this museum.

Nicholson Museum

Situated in the premises of the University of Sydney, Nicholson Museum is named after its founder, Sir Charles Nicholson. This popular museum was established in the year 1860. This museum exhibits the largest collection of antiquities in both, the southern Hemisphere and Australia. A history lover can find an extraordinary collection of ancient artifacts from different sections of the world such as the Egypt, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Europe. Some special possessions of this museum include a real mummy (Egyptian), a 250,000-year-old hand axe (found in France), mosaic glass inlays of 1st century AD, and a plaster skull from 6, 000 BC etc. Besides these immovable things, people can indulge in the ongoing special exhibitions conducted by the museum’s curators.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Located in the Darling Harbour, the Australian National Maritime Museum is a federally-run museum of Sydney. The museum predominantly focuses on the bond shared between Australia and water. Structured about seven main galleries, the museum exhibits evidences related to the discovery of Australia, the Water and Australian Aborigines, the ocean as a resource, naval defense of the nation and mutual friendship communal among the Australia and the USA. A huge ship, a destroyer and 19th-century racing yacht are major some highlights of this exclusive maritime museum.

Apart from these, Hyde Park Barracks Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, Macleay Museum, Susannah Place Museum and Sydney Jewish Museum are some of the other significant museums in Sydney.

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