Some Interesting Places to Visit in India

India is one of the most striking countries in the world and attracts a huge amount of tourists from all across the world. Apart from being a kaleidoscope of different scenic attractions, this incredible country has many interesting places to visit which may spell-bound travelers from all around the world. In the following article, we have listed some of the most interesting places to visit, which you may include in your travel itinerary to India.

Kuldhara – The Abandoned Village, Rajasthan kuldhara rajasthan

In the state of Kings, the Royal Rajasthan you may find Kuldhara- a famous abandoned village, located close to Jaisalmer. As per folklores, around 200 years ago, this village was home to over 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins, descendants of a community lived here for more than five centuries. But, on one day, the whole population including residents of 85 villages, fled. Overnight. It is also said that the people of Kuldhara not only left the village as it is, but left it with a curse of hostile any future settlements. On day visit, you can only find the ruins of an old temple and dilapidated buildings etc. For best deals on Rajashtan holiday packages, visit here:

Kodinhi- The Village of Twins, Kerala kodinhi kerala

Located in the Malappuram district of Kerala, Kodinhi is a small village which is famous for having the strangely large number of twin births regularly reported here. May be that is why, it is called the ‘Village of Twins’. At present, the village of Kodinhi has over 200 pairs of twins along with two sets of triplets. Another interesting fact about this village is that the women of Kodinhi who are married outside the village also have multiple births. Most of the researchers are working on to reveal this mystery; perhaps, some doctors believe that the answer is in the distinctive chemical makeup of water in this particular area. For best deal on Kerala tour package visit here:

Vittala Temple Complex – The Musical Pillars, Hampi, Karnataka vittala temple complex

Built in the 15th century, the Vittala Temple is amongst the profligate pieces of the architecture in Hampi, located in the state of Karnataka. However, what makes this temple complex different from other magnificent temples across the country is the collection of 56 musical pillars that produce musical sounds when tapped gently. During British rule, they were so fascinated by the pillars’ music producing ability that they cut two pillars out of the temple into half to check if there was anything them but all they could find was hollow pillars of granite. Many of your can still check the two pillars placed inside the temple complex. However, to protect the heritage relevance tapping on these pillars is forbidden now. For best deals on Karnataka tour, click here:

Lonar Crater Lake – World’s Only Hyper-Velocity Impact Crater, Maharashtra lonar crater lake

Lonar is an ordinary village located about 140 KM from Aurangabad is home to a majorly notable meteor impact crater. It is recognized as “the only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock in the world”. The water of this lake is alkaline as well as saline at the same time. Adding some more mystery to it, the source of the perennial springs that feed the lake as well as what lurks at its muddy bottom is still unknown. Also, compasses don’t work in various parts of the lake. The unique chemical combination of its water supports many microorganisms that are rarely found anywhere else on our planet.

Apart from these, the Bhangarh Fort – Most Haunted Place in India (Rajasthan) and Shettihalli – The Drowning Church (Karnataka) are also some of the popular interesting places of India.

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