Some of the Most Unusual Festivals around the World

There is no limit of unusualness. It can be in any area, aspect or phase. This article is going to tell you about the exoticism of festivals that simply will awe you with their abnormality. In maximum part of the world, festival celebrations usually involve few common things, including eating, drinking and dancing. However, several times these similarities bring to a halt. Some of the festivities are really weird and make you feel yuck, cringe or amused. Read the content to come across some cultural shock and know about some of the most insane festivals celebrated around the world.

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thaipuasm festival

Thaipuasm Festival

Celebrated in southern part of India, the festival should not be attended by people having weak hearts. This is a Hindu festival, which normally involves some of the most extreme body piercings witnessed by men. As per the participants of this festival, one can receive more blessings on enduring more pain. Some even try to pull vehicles or other heavy things from the hooks inserted into their skin.

monkey buffet festival

The Monkey Buffet Festival

Celebrated in the month of November in Thailand, The Monkey Buffet Festival is meant to promote tourism in Thailand. The festival is in fact a buffet for monkeys. The macaque monkey population is much valued and locals consider them bringing good fortune. To respect these good-luck monkeys, this festival is celebrated every year with more than 2,000 kg of fruits, vegetables and other monkey-friendly delights. Locals stuff the mouth of their monkey friends with fruits. It looks very adorable seeing those lovingly cute creatures having these eatables.

la tomatino festival

La Tomatina

Celebrated in the small Spanish town of Buñol, La Tomatina is a tomato street fight between teenagers using tomatoes. It happens for more than 1 hour and the town becomes covered with tomatoes. Before throwing the tomatoes, participants squash the tomatoes very nicely and then throw it on each other. As soon as the festival gets over, the fire department comes to spray out everything.

battel of orange

Battle of the Oranges

Like La Tomatina, Battle of the Oranges is also a food street fight. The festival is celebrated in Northern Italian city of Ivrea. In this festival, you can see the crowds attacking each other with the oranges. Most of them are attired in medieval costumes. The beginning of this festival is not clear. However, being hit on the face by oranges is really hurting. Yet, thousands participants love to join the festival and attend the fight.

pamplona bull run

Pamplona Bull Run

From July 6th to July 14th every year, the fiesta of San Fermin is celebrated in Pamplona. A group of angry bulls are freed behind the men down the streets for more than 800 meters and people run to get saved. This is a risky sport where many people are injured and killed due to being hit by the horns of bulls. In spite of knowing about the physical damages done by a bull, huge number of people participate in this festival. These bulls are highly admired among the Spanish people.

wife carring festival

Wife Carrying

Unlike the name suggests, teammate doesn’t need to be officially married for participating in this festival. It is organized in Finland where male contestants race while carrying their female teammate. They pass through several obstacle tracks and run in shortest time. Winners are announced as per the weight of the female partner.

There are several other weird festivals in world that surprise people with their weirdness.

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