Stay at Limehouse to discover London’s 5 Secret underrated Attractions

London attracts millions of tourists every year from various parts of the globe owing to its long list of popular attractions and rich historical past. But there are many lesser seen travel sites in the city which have distinctive features concealed amid a totally new direction where you have so many things to do. It’s strongly suggested not to queue up for long hours to enjoy only the overrated and overpriced attraction of the city rather experiencing the secret places that will make your trip much more exciting and memorable. While visiting London, if you are staying at Limehouse (East London) neighborhood you can easily explore the hidden treasures of the city without spending much. There are lot many good accommodation options like hotels, rented Serviced apartments and hostels in this neighborhood to ensure a comfortable and safe stay in the city.

Let’s explore England’s capital with a fresh perspective and find out 5 hidden secrets to add up in your next London visit.

Kyoto Garden

kyoto garden

Kyoto Garden may not be as famous or huge as Hyde Park or Richmond Park, the area is loved for its tranquility and serenity. Created in 1991, this garden is like a cute little miniature treasure of Japan within an English setting. This traditional Japanese garden is designed with perfection and decorated with stone lanterns, huge waterfall (aprox. 15 feet) and pond filled with fishes that makes it look surreal. A true retreat for nature lovers, you will have restorative effect to your spirit within few minutes of entering this paradise. Do give it a try!

Lea Valley

lea valley

Step back in time and discover this peaceful Lea Valley on foot by choosing over 30 walking routes. Scenic and traffic-free routes through nature will give you some special moments to enjoy, an escape from city’s urbanization. Waterfowl, picturesque views of the Olympic Park and its country side charm makes this destination a bundle of joy for most varied wanderers.

Apart from experiencing these wonderful sights, take out time to enjoy splendid galleries, cafes, pubs and myriad of other things located within this area.

Nunhead Cemetery

nunhead cemetery

Located in the Nunhead area of southern London, Nunhead is one of the least famous cemeteries yet the most beautiful one amongst the great Victorian Cemeteries of London. Nunhead cemetery is spread across 52 acre, conserving it as a place of remembrance and of natural beauty. Featuring magnificent monuments and Victorian planting, this stunning place offers some rays in historic surroundings of a bygone era. Spare an hour or two and get soaked in its natural beauty.

Old Operating Theatre

old operating theatre

A Museum of surgical history, Old Operating Theatre is one of the oldest surviving operating theatres, where the history of surgery and herbal medicine is properly restored. This 19th century theatre will offer you a glimpse of London’s gruesome past. Explore this theatre and its unique creaky 32 spiral stairways and get to see a huge collection of surgical apparatus and pathological specimens.

Postman’s Park

post man park

Located in central London, Postman’s Park is special for its wall commemorating, celebrating the brave acts of ordinary people who scarified their life while trying to save the lives of others. This calm and serene place takes its name owing to its proximity to the old General Post Office. The place is well-conserved and decorated with manicured and beautiful landscaped garden, a fountain and plenty of benches. A perfect gateway from the busy monotonous life of city, this park is originally occupied by postal workers, who enjoy their lunch break here. This scenic park should be on list next time when you visit London.

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